anyone watching 'The Shield'?????!!!

  1. I'm hooked..addicted. I've never been a TV addict; never watched any show faithfully from week to week. The Shield is the best thing since the invention of the handle on the toilet!!! If you haven't watched it, find's awesome!!!

    ..counting down the hours until Tuesday night's show...
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  3. by   oramar
    I have this vague feeling there is a already a discussion somewhere about this show. Yes I have been watching it. This will be the 9th episode on Tuesday. It is quite riviting. There are so many brilliant perfomances. Strong female characters are everywhere. I have to admit I am quite shocked by it all. The first episode reminded me so much of a James Ellroy novel.
  4. by   Lausana
    Yes, I've been taping them all for my bf who doesn't have cable, so I've gotten hooked too! He's a future cop-so he's in love :kiss with the show! lol

    It's intense and kind of disturbing at times...but it really makes you's hard to decide if I like or dislike each character since that changes every episode. I'm glad that they gave Dutch a good piece of the storyline a couple weeks back with the dead little girl instead of making him into Barney Fife!! :chuckle He's finally an intense character!

    It was hard to see Michael Chiklis (sp?) in that role at first though, I always loved him as the Commish!
  5. by   micro
    My drawing card to it was first the what a change in character acting.....
    think it is all done for the impact of the draw.........but that is what television is for.......
    I honestly don't get to watch it much, cause of on second shift........but tvland always do reruns.........well no tvland will probably never do these reruns.............
    I think it is following the genre that NYPD blues is/was attracting........
  6. by   CountrifiedRN
    I'm so glad you started this thread! I love "The Shield", I've been hooked since the first episode!

    I'm not sure why I like Chicklis' character, I think it's so different to see a lead character in a "bad guy" kind of role. But I find myself cheering him on every week, to keep from getting caught at his crimes. Maybe it's a case of "good girl" attraction to "bad boy"!:chuckle

    Plus I kind of like the way he stomps the (other) bad guys every week.

    In case anyone misses it on Tues at 10, they show the same episode on fridays and sundays.
  7. by   nurs4kids
    I have had the same reaction with the characters..can't decide whether I like or dislike them. It's very interesting how Chicklis' character is played. I think the side of me that wants to like him is the side that knows if more law enforcement had his heart and COULD be handled in the way he handles criminals, we probably wouldn't have the problems we have with crime. Then I went from admiring the rookie who turned Vic in to despising him for his hiprocracy. I agree with it's interesting how Dutch's role has gone from that of a "dork" to someone much more important, very appealing. The women are awesome. It's especially great to see a black woman protrayed as strong, intelligent and respectful (can't remember her character). It's rare that black women get this credit on a show that isn't geared toward black audiences. I also love the way they threw autism into the mix, with Vic dealing with his son's new diagnosis. Ah man, I just love it!!