Anyone watch "Monk"?

  1. I love that show. I have some OCD-ish behaviors and so does my son, although my nephew is so far the only person in the family to be formally dxed. Some of my colleagues feel like that show ridicules those with the disorder, but I feel that it does a really good job of reflecting the challenges. Does anyone else watch it?
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  3. by   ladyjane
    i love monk!! in fact, the show could have been written with me in mind! so glad the new ones are coming out.
  4. by   mercyteapot
    Oh me too! Did you get to catch any of the Monk marathon on Friday? They showed a bunch of the past seasons' shows; I had forgotten how much I enjoyed some of them. Like the one where he insisted that homeless man have gravy with his turkey, or the one we scoffed at Sharona's suggestion that if he just turn the light out, he wouldn't be bothered by an uneven shelf. I didn't discover Monk till USA ran another marathon on New Year's Day this year, so there are still some of the older ones that I haven't seen yet.
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  5. by   ladyjane
    i missed it! just love his attention to things no one else can be bothered with. really enjoyed the one with the bombs delivered to each member in a family, and he noticed how the string was tied, thus solving the crime.
  6. by   mercyteapot
    I liked that one, too. Remember the ketchup bottles hanging upside on the ceiling? I like a detective show where the detective figures it out *before* me!