Anyone watch 'Friends'?????????

  1. Hey, ya'll...if any of you watch Friends, would you be willing to tell me what happened on the season finale? I had to work and couldn't tape it. The more detailed the better, or better yet, anyone tape it? I'd pay for a copy if you had one... Thanks!

    I admit it. I'm addicted. It's better than heroin!!!
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  3. by   kaycee
    Most of the episode was Rachael In labor with Ross at her side. They had different couples as room mates each couple being more weird then the other. Rachael was getting upset that all these other women would come in after her and they all kept having their babies and she wasn't. Ross's mother came to visit and tried to convince Ross to marry Rachael. She gave him his grandmothers engagement ring to give to her. He took it to shut her up and put it in his pocket.
    Meantime Phoebe falls for a pt she meets in the hallway with a broken leg. She has Joey pretend he's a MD to get info from him. Don't know where this is going if anywhere.
    Chandler and Monica decide it's time for them to have a baby. They run around looking for an empty hospital room to make a baby. They keep getting caught or side tracked but finally do it in a janitors closet.
    Now Rachael's last roommate comes in and it turns out to be Janice(OH MY GOD). She also has her baby before Rachael. Finally Rachael has the baby which is breech but everything was ok.
    After much thought they pick Monica's favorite baby name which is Emma.
    While Racael is alone Janice comes in and tells her how she will ultimately be raising this baby alone because Ross will eventually find someone and start a real family. Rachael then begins to despair over raising Emma alone. Meantime Phoebe convinces Ross that he does love Rachael and always has.
    Finale....Joey come in Rachael's room and comforts her, tells her he would never let her raise Emma alone. She asks him to get her more tissue's under Ross's coat. The engagement ring falls on the floor and Joey picks it up opens it and turns to Rachael. She thinks he's on his knees asking her to marry him and says yes. Joey is stunned and then the camera goes to Ross getting off the elevator with flowers. Wheeeww. Till next season.

    Hope I got it all for you and that it made sense.
    Very disappionting ending in my opinion. Not up to par with what those writers usually come up with.

    Also one of the most unrealistic laboring experiences I've ever seen.