Anyone recommend Hot Springs vacation?

  1. Planning a short road trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Haven't ever been there, and don't know much about it. We're taking a handicapped family member, so there won't be a lot of walking or activity. Mostly hope to take a scenic route, and enjoy the sights, and time together. I hear Arkansas is beautiful. Would you recommend Hot Springs for a short, scenic vacation?
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  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    I grew up near there, and you've heard right, it's beautiful. I didn't appreciate it as much as I do now that I live in south Louisiana.

    Yes, there's quite a bit to see. They've renovated several of the bathhouses on Bathhouse Row and one of them is a museum. It's really neat to go through. There's a pretty cool wax museum, although I haven't been in it in about 10 years (I'm assuming it's still there). Lake Ouachita is the best lake in the area; some of the views are absoulutely breathtaking, and it's very clean.

    There used to be an amusement park but I don't know if it's still there.

    Have fun on your mini-vacation.
  4. by   plumrn
    Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it.
  5. by   eltrip
    I've heard lovely things about Hot Springs. I recently made a trip to the Ft. Smith area. Drove on I-40 from Memphis. I came away with the impression that (at least for now) Arkansas needs to change it's slogan from "The Natural State" to the "Under Construction State." There was so much highway construction that I almost forgot that I'd left Tennessee!

    Seriously, though, it added a couple of hours of drive time onto my journey when heading west. No problems while driving eastbound!

    Hope that you enjoy yourself & have a safe journey!
  6. by   plumrn
    Thanks eltrip! It helps to know about the construction ahead of time. Tennessee is also a beautiful state. Vacationed in Gatlinberg a few years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed the trip thru Tennessee.