Anyone know anything about housebreaking a puppy?

  1. What have I gotten myself into? LOL

    We have the MOST adorable new member of our family... a little 8-week-old, black-and-tan chihuahua puppy named "Batgirl Brown" or "BB" for short.

    Problem is... well, the chi I had as a kid my parents house trained, and I don't know where to begin! Great!

    Anyone have any suggestions, ideas, links that might be helpful?

    Thanks TONS!
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  3. by   BadBird
    Keep the puppy in a crate, take out every hour on a leash to the spot where you want her to do her business. Praise her for going outside, lots of positive reinforcement needed. Do not punish or rub her nose in any accidents she may have in the house, if she poops, pick it up and bring it outside to the spot where you want her to go. It takes a lot of patience but with love and praise she should do fine. Leave her in her crate when you go out. Lots of "good girl" and petting, scratching behind the ears when she goes where and when she is supposed to, soon she will let you know when she needs to go out. It helps if you use the same door that way she will learn faster. Good luck with the new addition.
  4. by   Katnip
    Sounds like you got great advice. The only thing I'd add is patience, patience, patience.
  5. by   jemb
    Crate training is good advice.

    The most recent puppy I trained did not have a crate. I let her outside every hour when I was home (and awake) , and she and my older dog stayed outside when I was away from home. I kept her on the bed with me at night, and slept with one hand on her. When she moved, I would wake up and take her outside. She got lots of praise, hugs, and scritches.

    They learn fast. Pack animals want to please the leader.

    Having an older dog to set an example probably helped a lot, too, though.
  6. by   aimeee
    Crate training really makes things easier!! Puppies will not go in their "den" if they can possibly avoid it so they catch on very quickly. The bonus to crate training is that if you put your puppy in the crate when you are gone then you know that they are safe from getting into things that might harm them, and they won't be ruining any of your stuff. It also gives them a safe secure place they can regard as their own. This is really valuable if you travel at all with your dog.

    Here is a site that explains crate training:
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  7. by   manna
    Thanks for the input!

    While I was gone yesterday, I left her in a room with some newspaper... surprise, surprise - she actually went on the paper! This is a good thing, rather than going on the floor.. and I know I was probably gone too long to expect her to "hold it."

    I tried to put her in the crate this morning and she went ballistic... guess I'll have to try again when I go to check on her in a bit.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    And I learned quickly that I never succeeded w/paper training. They just learn to pee/poop on paper, and you are STILL stuck THEN trying to transistion the animal from paper to outside. It's an extra step that wastes time to me.

    I found having the crate was a must. That and when home, have pup on a leash, never loose in the house. A flexi is great cause it allows the lil guy to move about but you can still SEE what he/she is up to. Take pup out often and lavish praise praise- praise- when he/she goes out there. DO NOT PUNISH FOR PEEING/POOPING INSIDE....just take pup out immediately and let him/her smell the territory. Maybe he/she will finish the business out there. Eventually, the pup does get the idea.

    another note:

    It is vital you "neutralize" the spot where he/she pees/poops, esp. with carpeting. This will discourage pup from doing it there again. There are some excellent enzyme odor neutralizers available at pet supplies stores. Get hold of one today.

    Good luck to you! I have housebroken a few dogs, some more stubborn than others. With patience, love and determination, you can do it.
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