Anyone know any good medical computer games or interactive software?

  1. I used to have an ACLS tutorial that was "interactive" as you decided on the meds and interpreted the rhythm and your actions changed the outcome that was presented at the end of the code.
    That was back when 486's were new so I know there must be some good ones by now that would actually teach me something while I had leisure time.
    Has anyone got any good tutorials like that?
    Any games that are good?
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    Hi There,

    I have a game called Code Blue it's by legacy interactive and you are a resident in a ER and "save" patients and are scored on how well you do...It's really fun and cost only $19.99
  4. by   CEN35
    Yes as Kelly (kaknurse) said, code blue is good, However, it is one of 5 games. they have ER1, ER 2, Disaster strikes, code blue, and I think one more.

    Go here->

  5. by   BlueBear
    Life or Death is the other one. You can buy them at Amazon.
  6. by   Hypoxic Pixel Eyes
    Yes I have just purchased Code Blue from Interactive Software.
    I have an 8x cd-rom and it requires an 16x cd-rom so all the characters talk like Max Headroom and then it locks up.
    It will only cost me $39 bucks or so to update this antiquated piece of crap but still I procrastinate.
    I will try to play it online with that link though.
    Thank you all.
  7. by   Hypoxic Pixel Eyes
    Thank you for the link.
    My A.P.C.(antiquated piece of crap) still locks up.
    I'm almost ashamed to admit it's a 233mhz with a 56k modem. Sadly I am forced to join the rest of you in the 21st century. Either that or I will just play Atari
    Anyhoo, thank you for taking the time to post the link.
    Dallas,TX(for now)