Anyone know about stoves?

  1. Is this a stupid question?

    I'm moving to a new place that will have a electric stove. The place I have now has a gas stove. I've never cooked on an electric stove. Does anyone know if you can use one of those atop-the-stove woks? The kind that gets its heat from the burner, as opposed to the kind you plug in? It would seem that the wok wouldn't get the same heat (or enough heat) from an electric burner as from a gas burner.
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  3. by   spudflake
    You can use it on an electric stove but cooking just won't be the same. I grew up cooking on a gas range but have been stuck with electric for the past 4 years. I'm STILL buring, under cooking, over cooking and going crazy with this electric range. There's an old saying for when you're doing something well..."Now you're cooking with gas!!"
  4. by   aimeee
    Well, I grew up cooking on an electric stove and when I first got into an apartment with a gas stove I couldn't believe how much easier it was to cook with gas. You have so much more control! Now I'm back to an electric stove again and its the pits. Its really hard to get the temperature exactly right. I've never tried a wok on one, but I wouldn't think it would work too well.