Anyone in Phoenix?

  1. Hey!
    I will be in Phoenix next month for 3 days while attending a conference. Are any of my siblings in the area? Maybe we could meet in a restaurant for dinner? I've never been to the area & I'm looking forward to making the trip. What is THE thing to see or do to make a trip to this area complete?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Brownms46
    I'm here...but I don't know a thing about what is THE thing to see here..except for the Grand Canyon.. I can find out though. I'm here until at least the 8th...not sure when you're coming ....but there is a possibly that I could be here longer.
  4. by   eltrip
    I arrive on the 23rd...leave on the 26th.
  5. by   Brownms46
    Oops not sure I will be here...but agency is still looking. So if I get something ehre I will let you know. I will still find out the good places to go for you!
  6. by   fulwood
    eltrip - I live in Mesa Arizona. not sure how much time you'll have to do things but lots to do and super restaurants.. If had time dirve to Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona is worth the trip. Nice restaurants in Scottsdale - just go to Scottsdale and 5th avenue and you have your choices. Hyatt at Gainey Ranch is super hotel and has great restaurants and Spanish/Flamenco music is played most night sin lobby. Worth drive just to see the place..Good luck if I can provide more info. Let me know what you're interested in..Fashion Square Mall is nice place to shop as well.
  7. by   eltrip
    Thanks, fulwood. My hotel & conference will be in Mesa. I've toyed with the idea of traveling down to Mexico (more uncharted territory for me), depending on my time & energy level.

    Thanks again, to everyone for their info & ideas!
  8. by   Brownms46
    Before you go to Mexico..if you're driving I think you have to buy insurance to drive down there. There is a place right when you cross the border...I think. You'll see the signs along the way! I would also reccomend the Fashion Mall in Scottsdale, and yes there are great resturants here too! There is a place in either Mesa or Tempe that is kind of like a playground for adults. I have been told that you have to go down a slide to get into the place...:chuckle. There is also Az Mills with is great place so I have been told with outlet stores...including one for uniforms!
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  9. by   eltrip
    Ooooh...a playground for grownups! Hurray!
  10. by   fulwood
    eltrip - not sure if you are going to Nogales or Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) but do know that Brownms46 is correct about insurance. for nogales not needed as it's border town but rocky point you definitely need. i've lived in mesa for 14 years so please feel free to ask any questions' I'm bored at work right now. just killing time over next few weeks until I gladly get laid off from my present job and pursue other avenues!
  11. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by eltrip
    Ooooh...a playground for grownups! Hurray!

    Hey you know exactly where this place I'm talking about is?? I could all my company and find out....but figured you would probably know.
  12. by   fulwood
    Brownie - what do yo mean by playground? Playing lasertag or what?Now after bragging about living here don't think I know what place you are referring to..i'll ask my other more informed friends if they know what you are talking about.. There is place called Fiddlesticks but kids can go there as well..
  13. by   fulwood
    castles and coasters is another place.. sorry if not being much help..
  14. by   Brownms46
    I will know the name it I see it...but it's like a country and western place I think. But my agency has offered to pay for my daughter and I dinner there. I think it's in Tempe, and he said you had to go down a slide to get in there! Sounds fun to me...:chuckle