Anyone here own a Tempurpedic or Sleep Number bed?

  1. Dh and I are thinking of buying one or the other. If you have one of the above beds, and you have back pain, does it help?

    Would you recommened the bed? Why or why not?

    Would you buy it again?

    I appreciate your input!
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  3. by   Jrnalist2RNinOR
    I dont own the bed, but I own a pad made out of the same material that goes on top of our mattress - wow I couldnt believe the difference that pad made - it felt and still feels great... (and boy our mattress needs replacing but with car payments and school it just cant happen right now)

    I would definitely consider a Tempurpedic when the time comes...
  4. by   traumaRUs
    DH and I have the sleep number bed - wonderful. However, to be honest though since I work full-time and go to school full-time - I'm beat and can sleep anywhere!
  5. by   eltrip
    We have a mattress made from the same material as tempurpedic. Overall, I have less pain & stiffness upon waking. Now, if I could just do something about my sleep positions!
  6. by   LydiaGreen
    Would I like a sleep number bed... yep. Can I afford it? No way! I called the 1-800 number when I first heard about them (DH prefers a hard bed, I prefer a soft one). The price then was $4,000 American (I live in Canada). No way can I afford that for a bed right now. Even if the price has come down since then, it is still too exorbitant for my bank account.
  7. by   Averykat
    I've had a sleep number bed (the company is Select Comfort, I think) for two years and I LOVE this bed. Yes, it was a little expensive but I really think that it was worth it. It's just so comfortable. I like to make it really firm and then let it out a little, it feels like you're sinking in.

    Have you been to the store? A lot of malls have them and it's a great way to check out which model you want. I ended up buying mine online because I had a coupon.

    I don't have any back problems so I can't say if it helps with them, but it does feel awesome when you come back from a good workout and are really tight.

  8. by   unbridled
    My 65-year-old Mom bought a Tempurpedic bed about 6 months ago and loves it. She was having problems with pain in her hips and that has been totally alleviated. She also has a problem with her back that troubles her once or twice a year. Normally, it takes about a week to get back to normal, but only took her 3 days this last time.

    I've slept on it a couple of times and think it's great also. I tend to have problems with my shoulders on a hard mattress since I sleep on my side, but I didn't have any problems with this one.

    One of the great things about the mattress is you never have to turn it. And it comes with a mattress cover that unzips all the way around. The mattress cover on the bottom stays, while the top and sides unzip and lift off. So you never have to move the mattress for any reason.

    My mom would never return to a regular mattress.
  9. by   Gompers
    I really want a tempurpedic bed! I have one of their pillows, and while it took a while getting used to sleeping without my head elevated, it really is very very comfortable and probably much better on my neck.

    I believe these cost about 2-3 thousand dollars, if I'm not mistaken? I want the entire mattress, maybe a queen size. Does anyone know how long these beds last? I figure if they out-live a traditional mattress it would be worth it.
  10. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Thank for your replies. I'm hoping for more!
  11. by   dianah
    The pad on our cath lab table is a TempurPedic and the patients overall have good comments about its comfort. Which is great, as historically the pads on Xray tables are a joke; they're just so you can SAY there's a pad on the table when in reality they don't pad the pt at all! Good luck, they sound COMFORTABLE; hmmm, I should try one . . .
  12. by   IowaKaren
    I just wanted to say that it has been the best investment of money my DH and I have every made. Since the bedroom is upstairs and we couldn't get anything but a full size bed up that stairway, this bed came in boxes and we easily (and without breaking our backs ) were able to get the king size bed up there . You never have to turn the mattress and we both can have the desired firmness we need to sleep. With the tradional mattress, I used to wake up with such sore shoulders and would be almost paralyzed if I happened to wake up on my back instead of on my sides. Now, I VERY seldom have that problem. The only drawback is, if one of our dogs happen to lay next to you, you may need to accomidate the extra weight for that, which I have done :chuckle . Anyway, I would recommend it to anyone that has a hard time finding that "just right mattress".

  13. by   plumrn
    Is the TempurPedic bed made of the memory foam material? If so, I'll bet it's similar to the TempSoma pillow. I have seen these @ Sams Club for around $26.00 recently. I have been tempted to buy one. I would love to buy the memory foam pad for the bed that they sell there also, but am afraid to spend the money without being sure I'll like it. I've heard Dr Laura talk about these on her radio show. She says they have helped her.
  14. by   palesarah
    Last summer I stayed at a B&B in Cape Cod that had TempurPedic mattresses- the bed was so comfy I didn't want to leave!
    We have a fairly new, reasonably comfortable mattress now, but when it's time to get a new one I'll definitely be leaning towards the tempurpedic!

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