Anyone heard of NINO ROTA? A composer and pianist .....

  1. I was listening to AOL radio earlier while doing some accounting, and I had the AOL radio on movie scores....(Soundtracks)

    and "the most beautiful music" came on....
    I looked to see who it was, and it said Nino Rota,
    and the name of the album.... CD ...was Film Scores....

    He performed part of the Godfather score, 8 1/2 , and about a dozen more on this album....
    anyway, his other albums are sold out....I clicked on "buy this CD",

    and I thought he must be famous if he is sold out...
    really beautiful music , as I said..........

    Anyone knowledgeable about him?
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  3. by   donmurray
    I must confess I never heard of him, but msn search for "nino rota" got more than 29000 hits!
  4. by   nowplayingEDRN

    Would this perchance be the album????

    And here he is performing his own music: (barnes and noble) have quite a bit of his music, passing. Check it out.

    Hope this helps you.


    PS: Never heard of him but I listened to a few trial clips and his compositions are beautiful. But then I like chamber music.
  5. by   passing thru
    Thank you both very much. It IS such a pleasant change from the same old - same old stuff on the radio...
    and soothing as background music when working - crunching numbers or even reading....
    Total quiet is nice but I like fine music - - -barely audible...

    I have this idea that some unconcious part of my brain is listening and paying attention, and is in "healing mode" for my
    spirits/ soul while the rest of me is keeping a roof over our
  6. by   Huq
    Born in Milan. Italy 1911.

    As well as fantastic movie scores he wrote music for ballet and opera.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    never heard of him.
  8. by   passing thru
    I ordered two of his CD's off of Amazon.
    He isn't just a composer or a pianist or just another classical
    music artist.

    There is a real difference in his playing....

    Isn't Amazon and AOL radio grand ?
  9. by   jnette
    Originally posted by Huq
    Born in Milan. Italy 1911.

    As well as fantastic movie scores he wrote music for ballet and opera.
    Somehow that doesn't surprise me.. Milan is where my mother studied music, voice and opera during the war. She's ten years younger than he... still sings to this day.. music is her life.

    Gee.. wonder if they ever knew each other?

    Sounds wonderful.. will definately have to check him out.. sounds like my kind of background music as well. Thanx for the heads up !