Anyone heard of Kinesiology?

  1. I met someone today who is a 'Kinesiology Therapist'. This area appears to about 'rebalancing energy fields', 'muscular energy release' and such. Seems about 3 months training is required and then can set up in business as alternative health practitioners.

    Now this lady says she treats depression
    . She also has a ped p't with a speech deficit...apparently caused by an 'energy problem' between the R&L brain hemispheres

    What do others think of this kind of alternative health 'practitioner'...hindrance or help for the p't?
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  3. by   gwenith
    Every year the Ig Nobel prizes are given out for research that should never be repeated. Basically it is "What the......" reasearch. In 1998 a nurse won this infamous award for therapeutic touch and the way in which this research is described, for me encapsulates my view of some of these alternate therapies
    The following is a direct quote from thier website

    Dolores Krieger, Professor Emerita, New York University, for
    demonstrating the merits of therapeutic touch, a method by which nurses manipulate the energy fields of ailing patients by
    carefully avoiding physical contact with those patients.

    Says it all really...........
  4. by   Bonnie Blue
    There is legitimate kinesiology. It is the study of body movement using physics and physiology. It usually part of a department of exercise science, physical education or physical therapy. Some areas studied include areodynamics, gait, fall prevention, movement training for the disabled etc. Whatever that person is doing is bull.
  5. by   P_RN
    Our DIL took several classes in kinesiology in her Physical Trainer program. That doen't sound anything like what she does.

    I never understood therapeutic touch either, but there was one nurse on our unit who was "certified" in it. She would go into patient's rooms not assigned to her and begin "it." More than one patient told her to get out.
  6. by   Angelica
    I once watched a 'certified' healing touch nurse do her thing. I thought it was a lot of crap, personally. Heck, she didn't even touch the pt. She just moved her hands above the pt from head to toe and then would make an exaggerated motion with her hands like she was flinging off some manner of vial substance. The pt seemed to like it, though, so I guess that's the important thing.
  7. by   ziggyRn
    Thanks for your views...I pretty much think the same. Zig.