Anyone Have Time to Craft?

  1. I had been in the crafting business for many years. I sold on Etsy. I did hair bows and most recently I made embroidered children's shirts. You know the ones with the appliques and embroidered names. I loved it although when I was busy it was stressful. And in the crafting business you never get paid anywhere near what you are worth. I kind of did it because I just love being crafty.

    Fast forward 8 months. I am currently getting divorced and obviously my craft business was not going to sustain me and my son. Around the holidays I could make some decent money but not really through the year. So I decided to pick up where I left off with my schooling and am hopefully going to be in the nursing program.

    Here is my question. I have an entire room in my house with all of my crafting supplies. Tons of ribbon and fabric. I have a brand new embroidery machine that is barely used. I just don't' have the time anymore to craft and I really miss it. Should I just get rid of all of it or hold on to some of it with the hopes that maybe once I graduate I can get back to making stuff. I am trying to clean out some of my stuff and reorganize my house the way I want it but I am having a hard time with getting rid of all of my supplies. I am so attached. Anyone else have these issues?
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  3. by   imintrouble
    Why would you part with something you love? Not having time now, doesn't mean you won't have time later. Eventually there will be opportunities to use your skill again.
    I'd keep it. It was a part of your old life you liked. Why throw the baby out with the bath water?
  4. by   StNeotser
    You know I started knitting a sweater when I was still married and for whatever reason stopped. it was around the time of my divorce so 2008. I've just unraveled all the yarn and picked a different pattern for the sweater and I'm starting up again. I wouldn't get rid of it either, just my opinion.
  5. by   Medic2RN
    I say keep it. When you have time later, you will still have years of supplies available to you. Perhaps organize it for storage now and use it later. You know how much money, searching, and time it takes to accumulate it all. Good luck!
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    If you don't have so much stuff that it's in the way of the rest of your life, and the materials aren't rotting because they've been sitting so long, then you're fine. Keep it. You will get a chance to do it again and it will be as satisfying as it used to be. (I am describing the house of someone I know... her family will need something the size of a semi to empty the place when she dies, really-- yarn, floss, textiles of all descriptions, fabric, looms, rooms and rooms and rooms just full of it....)
  7. by   Rose_Queen
    When I went back to school, I organized and boxed up a lot of my quilting and other craft supplies. Once I graduate, my study area will once again become my craft area. As long as it's still going to be usable in the future and isn't creating a safety hazard, I say keep it. My boxes take up only a little bit of space and are tucked into the guest room closet. Some of the supplies/equipment were expensive when I bought them and are only going to be more expensive if I get rid of them and replace them in the future.
  8. by   Emergent
    I ordered a bunch of bird houses and have been painting fanciful designs, with flowers, vines and such. I'll be giving them as Christmas presents.