Anyone have a truck driver in your family?

  1. My brother is going to leave our dairy farm and start driving truck. My father has been cranky about it, pushing my brother to make up his mind because our cousin want's to work for us. I think my dad should of held back on saying that someone is waiting to work here. It's hard to work for family, and we've seen so many battles between the men that it's hard for my mom and I to just sit back and watch.

    Our farm might not be here in the next few years, dad is 50 and ready to retire, my uncle is the same way. I hate to see it go, my great grandfather, grandfather, father, uncle, and brother have put so many years into this farm. I grew up here.

    I'm proud of my brother for making a big decision that will hopefully be beneficial for him, but I'm also scared for him. Trailor trucks are so scary to me. I'm glad my brother is a good driver and not like those jerks that ride your butt and make you nervous.

    My cousin drives trailor tucks and has only had one problem, but that wasn't even related to driving it. It was the equipment he was hauling. I know it's dangerous to work on a farm, I've experienced that first handedly. Maybe it's that I won't see him as much, and I'll be up worrying about my big brother everytime he has to go out of state.

    I dunno, I guess I just wanted to share. I'm worried about my big brother just like he worries about me. Reality stinks....

    Does anyone have a truck driver in their family? What's it like??
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  3. by   tiger
    hi kristy. my hubby drives trucks. back in the day, 12 yrs ago, when i met him he drove trucks with his brother. he didn't really have the cdl liscence but his brother paid him cash. he didn't mind it much. he did say his brother sometimes scared the shyt out of him with his driving. when he came here to be with me, he went to the trucking school. the first job he got was over the road. he took it cause he wanted to work but was hesitant cause he would have to be gone from home. his first job was out of salt lake city, utah. he drove there and started on the trip. about three weeks after he left, he showed back up in vegas. just had his partner drop him off. said it wasn't for him to be away from home. i agreed. he left our car in utah, we had to go get it, cause he missed home/me so much. since then he has driven local, in las vegas. i could not do his job. drive in this traffic with a 52 ft truck(i think that is what he drove) on the strip and such. he used to come home complaining about his eyes burning cause you have to be very alert and watching every second. now he supervises in the warehouse. he is happier not driving.
  4. by   Glad2behere

    I drove a truck over the entire lower 48 for 7 years. I assure you it is a slow death. No glory or money in being a road cowboy anymore. And like Tiger says, it demands a lot more than you can possibly know. My rig was 65 feet! I wildcatted, and made lots of money, but if the wheels are not turning you don't make it. In the end, long haul anyway, you just become an extension of your rig, and it is always hurry up and get there and wait.
  5. by   cactus wren
    All 3 of my boys are owner/operators. They work long hours, but make good money, but a lot of it goes back into the truck...their dad was also a trucker, but he never owned his own... I got driving instructions every time i got behind the wheel, on proper way to drive around a big rig..i.e. if you pass one, don`t slow down...he can`t stop as fast a you can...etc/ad nauseum...

    My boys haul gasoline from distributors to stations..Loves, Circle K`s etc...And Mom worrys, but they are I just pray a lot when the roads are bad...and with the terrorist thing...just think what a good bomb 85,000 gallons of gas would make...They have had the DOT guys tell them to carry firearms, and if someone even LOOKS like they are trying to hijack you...shoot first..then ask questions...

    I actually drove a big rig for a bit, I can herd the durned things down the road, but never did learn how to back one up....short career...
    All 3 did do the over the road for a few years, but got tired of never being home...they have been in all the lower 48 states....Just the thought of an 18 wheeler in downtown Manhattan.....
  6. by   RNinICU
    My son was a truck driver until this week. He finally found a job where he could be home every day. He was only home two nights a week, and was so worn out he would sleep all weekend. It was hard on his kids, and hard on me and hubby since they all live with us. The job is lonely, and, in my opinion, not worth the money. This was one of the reasons his wife left. I would never recommend it as a career.
  7. by   hapeewendy
    My dad is a truck driver...
    and although our relationship is strained at best these days I can tell you that driving truck for a living definitely takes its toll phsyically on you
    my dads been a truck driver for , wow almost 30 years now, but I believe his current position has him doing more dispatching than actual driving..
    at any rate , it isnt an easy job, the hours can suck ,and it takes a toll on you physically and affects your family life
    wow sounds like nursing doesnt it?
  8. by   nakitamoon
    kristy,, my husband after years of working construction,,, finally decided he wanted to drive,,,, i supported that descision as hanging sheetrock was very hard on his body,,, i want him here,,, healthy as long as possible,,, we made it while he went to school,,,, he then took a job over the road,,, we both discussed it,,, decided it is what we both wanted,,, we could handle the separtations,,,,, well,,,,, that lasted two months,,,, he is now home,,, driving still,,,, but now only gone over night two days a week,,, the rest of week,,, may be out six,,, eight hours,,, we are both very happy with this arrangement,,,,

    your brother should do what makes him happy,,, having the farm,,, being part of you heritage,, and the thought of losing it is sad,,, but it is also very hard work to mantain,,, manage it,,, esp. with the economy,,,, as difficult as it is,,,, you have to do what is best for you,,,, in the long run,,, not what ppl expect of you,,,,,

    just my thoughts,,,, prayers are with you,,,, and your family,,,,,,

    ~kitamoon [/i]