Anyone have a pomeranian?

  1. Just when we decided not to get another dog, a new furball came into our lives. Tonight instead of cooking and cleaning for my houseful of company that is coming tomorrow I am standing out in the snow hoping this little ball of fir will pee! My hubby is more of a sucker than I am and when we found out this little 4 year old was living in less than desirable conditions we decided to add to our family. So far all we know is that the dog is 4 years old, seemed a little timid at first, ate and drank when we brought him home. After the holidays I will make a vet appointment and groomer appointment to get rid of all the knots in his fur. I don't know anything about this breed, just knew he needed a loving home. He is laying in front of the fireplace now, seems content, out older dog seems to like him too. We haven't decided on a name yet his name was Keanu but it just doesn't fit. If anyone has any info on this breed or how to house break I would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   Lausana
    Oh wonderful Badbird! Grew up with Poms! And would love another one someday... Last one, Dudley, had to be put to sleep about a 1 1/2 yrs ago Very affectionate, cudley little kissers! My mom had to house break 2 of them so I'll ask her for any comments when I see her for T-giving.

    One thing we noticed (and maybe our dogs were weird!) They were social eaters, wouldn't just go to the bowl and eat-unless they were so hungry their tummies were growling! One of us would sit with them or bring the bowls right in the center of whatever we were doing

    My mom would have them shaved twice a year to a nice buzz cut (except for the puffy tail & a bit around the face) and this would eliminate the shedding and matting. & I think it sure felt better in the summer time!

    Enjoy your new baby!
  4. by   PJRNC2
    I Had a Pom. I should have one now, but my daughter just fell in love with my friend's ShihTzu. So off to the kennel we went and had to get two sisters(who are really darlings-could not thing of parting with them). The Pom I had was wonderful.
    She (Heidi) lived to be 14 yrs. old. The vet said she would have lived longer if she had not had so much meat in her diet. Once you get him groomed, just keep combing him- he will 'Dry-clean' himself because of the undercoat.. The upkeep on Poms is wonderful-no routine grooming fees! Good Luck with the little guy, he is lucky to have been rescued. Have you named him yet?
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  6. by   emily_mom
    My best friend raised Poms, so if you need any tips, let me know. That little dog is lucky to have you!!

  7. by   Mary Dover
    I have a Pom - her name is Maggie. (Miss Magnolia Blossom to be exact) She is about 3 1/2 years old now. A strawberry blonde color. She has the sweetest personality. Loves me to death. Definately a lap dog, or at least sitting at my feet. She's never had an aggressive bone in her body. She has never had puppies, but adores our cats. Constantly washes and grooms them as if they were her own babies.
    My mom has a black Pom (Mattie) with a very long silky coat that drags the floor. Also a very sweet natured dog, and I hate to admit, a little smarter than mine.
  8. by   BadBird
    Our first night together was a little tiring, we saw him at 7pm, I told the lady I would think about it and as we started to drive away my husband said, did you see how that poor dog lived, even if we don't keep him we should rescue him so back to her house we went. This little dog was living in his own filth in a dark unfinished basement !!! Took him home, bathed him, combed him, he ate right away, drank water and pizzed on my floor !! Ok, now I know she like he was not housebroked ( what a suprise, hahaha). I put him in our little bathroom, he cried and cried, I put him in bed with us, he cried some more, at 2am my hubby went to walmart and bought him a doggie cage, put it downstairs because that is where he kept running, we put it next to the bird, he slept like a baby. This am I took him outside and he pizzed 3 times, (good doggie!!!) got a treat for that. He is definately bonding to us, so cute. We are thinking of calling him Teddy because he looks like a little teddy bear. Very sweet so far. My older dog seems to have a little more interest now, he is very good with him and he is also getting extra treats so he is happy. I am off to cook now. I will update yall later. Any tips or hints would be appreciated. Thanks again, Happy Thanksgiving.
  9. by   Ortho_RN
    I think you have gotten a great new lil friend.... and Teddy has always been a common name for a Pom... Good Luck with you new lil Thanksgiving gift... I bet this lil guy is Thanking you right now..
  10. by   BadBird
    Teddy seems to like his new name and new home, he barks at night when left alone in his crate so I ended up sleeping on the couch next to him, he is good about peeing ourside but still wants to mark his terrority in the house, I say "NO" real loud and it usually stops him. That is what I will be concentrating on now, we can't let him out of his crate unless he is in someones lap or he will lift his leg. (bad little cute doggie). Does anyone know how to stop this? He also doesn't seem to like dog food but will eat it if not given table scraps, with Thanksgiving yesterday he did get some turkey.
  11. by   lindalee
    Is he neutered? This will go a long way toward stopping or at least limiting marking behavior. I do rescue. When we have unhouse trained dogs we use belly bands on them. You can easily fashion one. Use an old sock. You can either stitch some velcro onto it for closure or simply use a safety pin, just be careful with the pin. You put the sock around the dog, covering his penis. Put 1/2 a sanitary pad into the sock and close around dogs body. LOL They don't like to wet themselves so helps with housebreaking. I also have a housebreaking handout that we give to adoptive homes. Good luck with Teddy. He sounds like a little cutie. Thank you for giving him a loving home and family.
  12. by   BadBird

    Thanks for the belly band idea, I just read your response to my husband and we will try that. So far Teddy has only had one accident in the house, we have been taking him out every 2 hours or whenever he circles in his crate. Even if he pees outside he tries to mark so I will definately do the band thing. I called the vet today and made his appointment, we are planning on having him neutered, this appointment will be for his shots and
    checkup. I wish I new how to post pictures, he is so adorable !!!