Anyone ever heard of Manchester Who's Who?

  1. In today's mail I got a letter from Manchester Who's Who. It stated that I was "recently appointed as a biographical candidate into the Manchester Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Nursing and Healthcare ." Has anyone ever heard of them? They didn't ask for any money. But, I certainly haven't done anything wonderful! Is it just some ploy to get more information? The card just asks for name, address, phone#,
    e-mail address, etc. probably all stuff they have already. Has anyone else got one of these letters? What do you think?
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  3. by   nekhismom
    I've never heard of it. I bet you could google it, though.
  4. by   EchoOfThoughts
    The Manchester Who's Who "About Us" dealy:

    I was in the Who's Who Among High School something-something-something... and you can see how that has been such an enormous advantage to my life and career throughout the years! :chuckle

    Actually what that amounted to was a nice book that my mother keeps in a dresser-drawer next to my cap and gown.

    I imagine that a self-starter with starry-eyed visions of success could potentially use such a club for "networking" and "building client and colleague relations" and that sort of thing.

    These practices run contrary to my normally reclusive and sedentary ways.
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