Anyone ever gotten preganant on clomid?

  1. I have been recently diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome. My OB/GYN tells me that he wants to start me on Clomid with my next period--when I get one, if I dont then he will induce one with medroxyprogesterone. I have had the bloodwork and other tests done and this is what he came up with. This is what I suspected all along, that I had PCOD.

    Anyhow, I was wondering, if any of you out there(female of course) have gotten pregnant while on Clomid?


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  3. by   Zee_RN
    I know of several women who got pregnant with clomid. My own pregnancy was a medically-assisted one but clomid was not an option for me.

    I find it interesting to note that OB/GYN offices are full of information on birth control but nothing on infertility. I made that observation the last time I was at the GYN office and he said it was a deliberate decision...but since he was rushing off (I just stopped in for test results), I didn't get the opportunity to pursue the matter. All over the waiting room there are pamphlets and magazines on birth control and pregnancy and parenting and not a THING on infertility; yet one in six couples will deal with infertility at some point.

    Any of you OB/GYN nurses out there have any idea why the matter (infertility) would be deliberately ignored in the waiting room?

    There is a group called RESOLVE that helps couples deal with infertility. Don't know if they have a website or not.
  4. by   JennieBSN
    Hey Kelly!

    One of the nurses I work with has PCOD, plus all kinds of other endocrine problems, and she's on clomid. She conceived after 4 cycles, but sadly just miscarried last week.

    Lots of my patients have pregnancies that are the result of Clomid, and a few other nurses I work with have had Clomid pregancies. Sometimes it works on the first try, sometimes it takes a few cycles.

    Are you seeing a reproductive endocrinologist yet? If not, GET ONE. I also believe is a good infertility site.

    As far as the not displaying infertility info thing, I honestly don't have a clue. My doc's office does. HOWEVER, yes, there is a disproportionate amount of contraceptive info displayed. I imagine the pendulum will begin to swing as more women delay childbirth later and later. Lots of my patients have had infertility treatments of SOME kind, be it drugs or surgical tx.. I also think it helps that I live in a city w/2 nationally known university hospitals that are big on infertility and reproductive endocrinology.

    God bless, Kelly....we'll keep our fingers crossed and pray for you!!
  5. by   RNforLongTime

    Thanks for your prayers! You are all so wonderful which is one reason that I love this BB.

    I was doing some internet research on fertility rates for those on clomid and what I found was that clomid causes ovulation in 80-90% of women who take it but only half of those who ovulate will conceive. I thought the rates were a little better than that.

    I don't have a reproductive endocrinologist. I think that the closest ones are in Cleveland. My doctor specializes in infertility so I'll try the clomid first and then if that doesn't work then we'll go from there.

    I'm wondering why he didn't put me on glucophage as I have heard and read that it helps those with PCOD and have heard of cases where women have started that drug and gotten pregnant without taking anything else.

    I also suppose that dropping a few more pounds wouldn't hurt either. I am thinking about joining Weight Watchers as there are meetings in my area.

    Thanks again!

  6. by   moni rn

    a great discussion board that you might want to check out is there is a main discussion board, and they have a more specific clomid board.

    on that board, there are lots of women that have conceived using clomid! it is a great place for support!

    good luck!

    p. s. - i don't know if you remember or not, but my dh and i are dealing with male infertility. that site has been a wonderful resource and comfort for us!
  7. by   CEN35
    short and simple............both of mine are "clomid" babies. :d

  8. by   RNforLongTime

    Thank you all for your show of support!