Anyone else miss nuns?

  1. I was thinking this week, with all the chaos, how much I miss seeing nuns in the community. Every once in a while I still see an old nun in a habit and it makes me feel so good. I grew up Catholic in a very Catholic area and you saw nuns everywhere. I realize a lot of orders do not wear the habit anymore; also that many orders of women religious are decimated and rapidly aging out. (I now live in a part of the US without a lot of Catholics).

    But still, I love to see a nun in the community. It brightens my day. Any one else feel that way?
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  3. by   night owl
    I grew up Catholic and went to a very Catholic school for nine very looooooooong years. Do I miss those nuns? You bet I don't!!! To me, they seemed to be so sadistical to be "married" to God. Could never figure them out...One minute they were holier than swiss cheese and the next minute they were slapping you up side your head I just didn't have any "great" experiences with them...When I was real small, I thought they were robots that went into a closet at night and came out in the morning. They just didn't seem human. But then I caught one "picking her nose" and that convinced me that they just might be sort of human!
  4. by   prmenrs
    I miss them, too. You're right, there were LOTS of them who were not what you'd call fun--but there were a couple in my education who were pivotal.

    Sister Leo Francis--high school. She taught ALL the advanced math and all the science courses, coached the teams, and was in charge of the boarders, of which I was one. How many times in your life have you heard or seen a nun in full habit yell, "Jesus Christ, RUN!!! ", as the physics class blew a small crater in the lower courtyard.

    Sister John Francis--nursing school. Dead pan face--could freeze you in your tracks @ a glance. But, for some reason, she had faith in me, and I would not be a nurse w/o her. Not that she ever TOLD me or anything.

    So, yeah, I miss 'em!
  5. by   donmurray
    I channel-hopped onto a "Discovery" prog. today, The presenter was talking to a priest, in Kerala, India, about the local nuns, who did local dances. During their demonstration, the presenter asked the priest if the hot, sunlit floor would not burn their bare feet, and the priest smiled broadly, and replied; "They dance faster!"
    ROFL!- - - - - I was biting the carpet!!
  6. by   KC CHICK
    I'm not Catholic, but there was a 'nurse' nun that worked at one of my clinical sights. She NEVER wore a habit. Maybe the nuns are out there, but you just don't know that you're seeing one. Could it be that the "traditional" habit is out of style nowadays??? Are they able to relate better to the surrounding community w/out it? Just a thought.
  7. by   Q.
    I don't miss nuns! I had nuns whip me for misspelling a word, I had nuns humilate me when I couldn't complete a math problem on the board, and I had nuns who made me kneel on the ceramic floors on my bare knees for HOURS praying for forgivness.

    I did have one nun who was a very special friend of mine since kindergarten; she attended my wedding and I love her to death. So, don't anyone please make any blanket statements about me being evil!
  8. by   Zee_RN
    Originally, the clothing nuns wore was chosen because they blended into the community...they were trying not to set themselves apart from the common people. Times changed and they didn't and the opposite became true; nuns' "habits" came to set them apart. By wearing ordinary clothes, they are reverting to their original purpose.
  9. by   semstr
    Once again, here in Austria it is different, still a lot of nuns around.
    Well not as many as 25 years ago but still.
    And all of them were their habits and have a veil of some kind on their head.
    I did my training at a very catholic hospital and there was a convent too. One nightshift, about 3 am, I heared something in the hallway of the convent, I wasn't allowed to go there, but I thought what the hell (I thought this very softly, so nobody could hear me), because I had a few desories on my ward.
    So all of a sudden this figure walks up to me, wearing what I thougt was a headbandage, she was very old and very nice, didn't say a word to me, just smiled.
    So I phoned the neurosurg. ward and asked them about missing old ladies. No, they said, but the supervisor is right here, we'll tell her. So here came the night-supervisor and as soon as she saw th old lady, she started laughing and couln't stop anymore.
    I didn't unterstand a thing! What is so funny about an old lady who is lost?
    Well, then supi. told me: she is not a patient, she is the oldest nun in the convent (98 years) and she did not have nuerosurgery, this is her nightcap! Because nuns always have to cover their heads!
    This story went through the hospital like a fire and as I came for my next shift, all my nice friends on the ward were wearing headbandages and for me they organized a nuns' nightcap!
  10. by   Enright
    Thanks for that. looking at the replies I guess everyone isn't as enthralled by nuns as I am. I'm not even Catholic anymore, and had more than my share of bruises from enthusiastic Catholic school discipline.....but I am still cheered when I see a religious in public. Saw one 9/11 after the terrorist attacks and I felt better.

    Austria, There is an order of nuns (Cistercian) near my home here in US who stem from Austria and Switzerland. Very traditional, cloistered...full habits. I was amazed to find out they are doing very well with vocations; so well that they have to expand the monastery.
  11. by   donmurray
    Enright, I hope you meant "convent" or have things changed that much?
  12. by   semstr

    who knows what goes on under those habits! Maybe that's the reason they have to expand!
  13. by   Enright
    Don Murray--the orders in the US use the expression "monastery" for both genders. I get candy from one order of nuns that refers to their enclosure as a monastery so they use it themselves.
  14. by   semstr
    sorry, didn't know that either!