anyone else get their Victoria Secret swim 2003 catalog?

  1. Comeon, is that narrowed hip person on the front a really female. No self respecting human female over age 12 has hips like that. Perhaps it is a castrated 14 year old boy in a push up bra and a wig.
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  3. by   emily_mom
    Got it my hubby's porn. She is nasty....
  4. by   Mkue
    I'll have to ask the boys if they know where it is:chuckle

  5. by   Lausana
    hmm, maybe it's a late blooming preteen I thought curves were supposed to be sexy?
  6. by   PennyLane
    I haven't seen the picture, but I was waaaay skinny through high school. Not until I got to college did I start getting hips. I really was skinny, but I ate a lot. I felt very un-sexy being that skinny.
  7. by   RN2B2005
    The VS catalogue goes straight into the trash these days...I was always on the upper end of their sizing, and since the birth of my son, I'd have to cut two of their thongs in half and stitch them together again to fit them over my hips.

    Guess I'll have to go dig the thing out of the trash...
  8. by   NurseWeasel
    Unfortunately (but only because of this thread, lol) I tossed mine in the trash at the post office. Didn't look past the back cover where I saw what catalog it was. I even commented to the post lady that VS sure wastes a lot of catalog money on me! I shop at the store about once a year.
  9. by   dawngloves
    I've already ordered my sequined jobbie on the back!
  10. by   meandragonbrett
    Hey where's my catalog!
  11. by   EmeraldNYL
    Yeah anyway, whatever happened to that one model they used to always have... I think her name was Latetia Casta? She was actually kinda curvy (they probably fired her because they thought she was too fat). The models they have now look half starved.
  12. by   Lausana
    hmm, maybe when they become too "old" for modeling Sally Struthers could sell them on TV and get them some money for food & fatten them up
    It hasnt made it to my mailbox yet but Im sure the pages will be stuck together by the time every male in Cairo has licked the pages. By the time I got the last one I had pages torn out from the security guards at the Embassy they had never seen a woman like that I sappose. Now I just order online lol