Anyone else clash with the dietary department?

  1. Ugh!! Dietary wants to make me scream sometimes!! Tonight for instance...we have a six year old who is recovering from aseptic meningitis. The kid's appetite is finally picking up some. The little tyke wanted a banana around 3:30 of the CNA's called down for it. Said they would bring it up. 4pm and no banana. Another CNA called down and dietary told her that they would just send the banana up with the trays at 5pm. So the CNA just went down to get the banana. You wouldn't believe the hissy dietary pitched over one banana for a six year old. For crying out loud, all they had to do was reach back and give the CNA the banana. But no they pitched a fit because they were right in the middle of trying to get dinner trays done. The CNA took the banana, returned to the floor, and gave it to the child.

    Supper time rolls around and we are busier than busy. Since our cafeteria is a small one, they close at 7pm. The dietary worker that threw the fit over the banana comes up at 6:10pm and tells the CNA that he is writing her up because the trays haven't all been collected and put back on the carts. For crying out loud. It is not like the CNA's and nurses were just sitting around doing nothing all evening. Really shook up the CNA. I told her not to worry about it the dietary jerk was just blowing smoke.

    Why is it that dietary thinks they know what is best for our patients? HELLO? Aren't we the ones who are with them most of the time? One time I got into an argument with dietary over a piece of pie. Had an elderly lady (90's) who was diabetes type 2. She wanted a small piece of apple pie. Diabetes well controlled by diet and oral meds. Blood sugars terrific. I call the kitchen and asked for a small piece of pie. My God, you would think I committed the original sin. I got a 5 minute lecture from the lady who is the cook down there about this lady's diet...crying out piece of apple pie isn't going to kill someone in the 90's and if it did they probably died happy!

    Well, I feel better now. Stepping off my soapbox...
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  3. by   plumrn
    I know exactly what you mean! I have called down for something a pt requests, and am asked if we can come down and get it. If I tell them we are too busy, they retort they are, too. Makes me so mad. Yeah, it's better if I leave my other pts who keep me quite busy keeping them alive, than to have you leave the food and dishes!
    Sorry for the sarcasm, but it seems nurses end up doing so many others jobs sometimes.
  4. by   texasrain
    oh yes, same types of problems where i work. if i want to get a little something extra for one of my pts. it is made into a big issue. i just tell them i will take responsibilty and walk out with what i want. we have a dining room where the pts can go and eat so alot of the stuff is within reach of the nurses. i let my pts either eat in the dining room or their own room---most nurses don't cause it is rehab. but i feel so long they are up in the chair they should have a choice. now the dining room is trying to say no food is allowed to be taken from the dining room. i told them i will either serve my pt. or have pt. advocate on the phone in 5 minutes. guess who won????
  5. by   Paprikat
    My personal fave is giving renal patients oranges and bananas. I have asked the manager to go over this with the dietary dept. and they are still giving them bananas.....
  6. by   duckie
    My pet peeve where I work is the activities dept. They play lots of games where they give the residents little prizes, bingo and such. They pay no attention to residents diets and you have diabetics being given tons of candy and of goodies they shouldn't have, then I have to call the MD when I get blood sugars of 300 and above, and this happens frequently. I have argued with them about this forever. I tell them why not give little samples of hand lotion or other things that won't cause these horrible blood sugars. I wouldn't even get half as upset if it were fruit but they just don't get it. Makes me furious!!!
  7. by   deespoohbear
    Originally posted by Paprikat
    My personal fave is giving renal patients oranges and bananas. I have asked the manager to go over this with the dietary dept. and they are still giving them bananas.....
    Yeah, I run into that nonsense too. Or they bring up a tray for an 18 month old child with brussel sprouts, baked potato and cheesecake!! Yeah right. Give the kid some chicken nuggets and fries.....

    Heck, I don't even mind going down and getting the food...just don't get crappy with me. The funny thing is the dietitian at the hospital is really sweet and level headed. I don't think she has much say in the day to day menus for the place but she will try and get stuff for patients if the patient or we request it. Sometimes I don't care if it is on the patient's diet or not. If the patient has eaten in 5 days I doubt if one thing not on their diet is going to do them in. (I can see the exception for the renal/dialysis patients though!)...
  8. by   debyan
    Our dietary dept is mostly Mexican and I will have to learn to speak mex to really complain, you can't even really be to mad they aare always smiling at you.deb
  9. by   cactus wren
    Don`t know what is worse..diabetic diets or renal really sweet dietary worker remembered that patient couldn`t have banans or oranges, so sent her extra cantalope and potatoes....Another gripe is fluid restrictions...somehow DRY tray doesn`t compute...or else soup, icecream and jello wouldn`t invariably be on dry worker counts crackers when she restocks us??? haven`t figured that one out...none of the others do, just puts a ziploc filled with them..Had another who would actually count the egg shells(from soft boiled breakfast eggs ) or dry cereal boxes from breakfast and if one was missing would accuse nursing of "stealing" patients food///
    Well, ours pitched a fit and have now been released from the duty of actually passing the trays. They just push the cart up and leave it in the hall, and I have to fit passing them into my list of things to do. Then, they'll come back 45 minutes later to get the cart. And it can be completely empty and they'll take it without a word, knowing full well we haven't collected the trays yet.
  11. by   silvermoon
    On one ward where I work lunch is at 12:00 and the tea trolley is at 14:30. I have to fight to give a pt a cup of coffee after their lunch.
    It got so bad that they were taking the trolley away to fill it with water just before lunch so there would be no hot water
    They stopped when they realised we used the staff kettle to make drinks!!
    Thankfully we had a staff change and we can all get drinks for the pts anytime now.
    Still don't know what the problem was???
  12. by   emily_mom
    I do have to say that our dietary dept. is pretty good to our floor. They pass our trays, mark intakes on pt charts outside door and collect trays. We help out when we can. They also keep us well stocked with sandwiches, fruit, vege plates, bread and fixings, soda, etc.... We never call down for late trays b/c we can whip up the same thing on the floor. If I send a message down to them, they have whatever I ask for in <5 min.

  13. by   WalMart_ADN
    our dietary dept. is pretty good too, as soon as we tell them it's for peds we can get whatever we want up there, as long as the kitchens' open. they've even gone out of their way to do requests for some of the kids, one of them tried to puree pasta for a kid who was on a pureed diet and wanted "sketti!"
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Our dietary dept. is THE BEST. They are very cooperative and helpful....they have a great attitude. But sometimes the trays are so blinking late. I guess they get slammed like the rest of us. But in general, I love working w/these folks; they are professional and do all they can to help us. Guess we are lucky!