Anyone considering/willing to confess to cosmetic surgery?

  1. I used to always say that I would never, EVER consider cosmetic surgery i.e. breast augmentation, tummy tucks,liposuction etc. since they were so risky and seemed to be a bandaid for poor self-image, etc. that I've had two kids and things have "changed' a little, a little voice inside says,....come on, it doesn't hurt to think about it. Now, I'm not saying I would actually DO it and I certainly don't judge others who have done it. I've seen remarkable improvements on people I know who have had it.

    I'm happy with my body although it WOULD be nice if the force of gravity weren't so apparent!!:chuckle

    Just curious as to your opinions! Have you done it? Would you do it again? Absolutely against it? Watched too many episodes of "Success Story" on TLC?:chuckle
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  3. by   KC CHICK
    After circulating the room during breast augmentation surgery a few times, I absolutely refuse to put my body through that.
    These girls and women have no idea what they're putting they're poor bodies through. The anesthesia, intubation, cutting through tissues and muscle........possible infection afterwards (which, yes, I have seen that too....not pretty)...

    It's a risk I'm not willing to put myself through electively.

  4. by   cactus wren
    If I was a youngster I would think about it...Right now, i`m kinda comfortable with this old body...but do wish me boobs weren`t quite so saggy....But not enought o put out the bucks to fix em...

    My youngest just had a hysto, and says now that they just "playtoys" she`s gonna get hers bigger...See, I only had so many boob genes, and apparently gave them all to her older sister(who, seriously needs a reduction) After nursing her only child, youngest can`t even fill a training`s her money...go for it

    And , that`s about how I feel...if you can afford it...go for whatever it takes to make you happy....just shop around, and try to find a plastics guy who won`t make you look like Joan Rivers...

    p.s. took care of an 80ish lady awhile back, she was unconcious, but those boobs sure looked "perky" standing straight up...
  5. by   Momto3RN
    It's too bad duct tape can't be put to use here!!:chuckle :chuckle

    I really am opposed to surgery since no one can predict what complications will occur. Superstitious that I am, I would be the ONE with every complication possible.

    A nurse I work with had an augmentation done after a nasty divorce (he left her for another woman) as her gift to herself.

    A close neighbor had minor nose surgery which gave her new purpose to life!!

    My father's wife had liposuction then had major complications.

    It's a tricky issue! Maybe a few more pec-flys with heavier weights will help for me:chuckle . Definitely safer!
  6. by   ThirdWorldGirl
    Well I've been a 38D since I was about a freshman in high school but unfortunately after having 4 kids they're still a 38D just not in the same spot they were then lol, I have wanted to have them perked up a bit, but when it comes down to it I'm too scared to do it, and as I get older I'm finding it's not as important as it was then so I think I'll have to answer "no" to considering it.
  7. by   RNonsense
    <---is skeered o'the knife!!
  8. by   MissdonditaBsn
    A few years ago I had lost about 80 lbs. When I started the weight loss I was a 42DD at my lowest I wore a 38D. I could have wore a 36C but there was so much extra skin that it took up a whole cup size. The chesticles were so droopy that they looked like I had 2 more appendages. If I wanted to flash some one when I wasn't wearing a bra all I had to do was lift up the waist band of my shirt. I was only 28 and I was afraid that when gravity really kicked in I would be tripping over my own 2 breasts (as opposed to my own 2 feet.)

    Anyway, I decided to have a breast lift (mamopexy if you want to be all scientific about it). It is the same procedure as a breast reduction, except they don't remove any fat tissue, only the extra skin. I spent one night in the hospital because of severe post-op nausea and 2 small children and at the time a husband who was less than supportive. Anyway, I had some swelling for a couple of weeks. I was back at work within a week, driving within a few days. I stopped taking my pain medication about 4 days after it was done and started taking ibuprofen or Tylenol instead.

    I think that the decision to have plastic surgery is an extremely personal one. It should not be made lightly. when I did mine I knew that it wasn't going to make my life infintely better. Nobody but me and my (ex) husband knew how bad it was. The surgery was for my own self. I felt better and more confident afterwards and that is what is important. It is important to investigate your plastic surgeon well before you decide to have the surgery . It helps if you talk other patients of his/hers if you can. My plastic surgeon would ask his patients permission to use them as a "reference" if they were happy.
    I keep saying that when the time is right I would be willing to have a face lift, but the current hubby keeps telling me he didn't marry Joan Rivers and that he really wants me to put those thoughts out of my mind. We will see, we are talking many years down the road, I might change my mind by then.
  9. by   debyan
    Liposuction is that some kind of oral sex? hehehe
  10. by   baseline
    Well I am not really a candidate for breast augmentation. But I would have a face lift in one half of one heartbeat. A little nip and tuck. If I had the'd be done in a flash!!
  11. by   tiger
    i had saline breast implants about 8 years ago. haven't had any trouble. i just felt like i was too small. i'm happy with them. the first night and day after i just took my pain meds and valium and slept. my hubby was helpful. the doc told me that if i had pain to sit up and lean forward to relieve the pressure. well, i wasn't about to use my arms so about three times during the night i woke up hubby. i had him sit me up for like 5 minutes the first couple of times, and feed me a pain pill or a valium. the third time hubby got a little frustrated with me and told me i needed to sit up longer this time. it was really hilarious--i'm telling him to sit me up, he is looking like he doesnt know what to do, i'm telling him "just put yours hands behind me and pull, i'm not going to help at all." he did it but acted scared to really pull. the next morning he had gone to work. i rolled out of the bed onto my knees. didn't want to use my arms. walked around all day like the tyranasaurus rex. holding my arms up next to my boobs and only using my hands/wrists. after the first day it got better quick. i say go for it if it is what you want.
  12. by   Kayzee
    If I had the extra $ I would prob. have some work done. Sis had tummy tuck with some problems. I'd like a brow lift, a little augmentation at this time. Anyone want to contribute???
  13. by   tiger
    oh, and my sister had lipo of the thighs without a prob.
  14. by   shay
    I just want my breastesses to stand at attention when I'm 65 and cruising the nearby frathouses for a boy toy.