Anyone addicted to.........

  1. I had been doing so good, staying away from caffine, drinking my diet Sprite and then one day I said I'd try a Vanilla Coke, just cause it was new on the market. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!! I cannot get enough of this stuff, it's outta this world! The feedback I'm hearing is that you either love it or hate it, how about you guys? Have you tried it? What do you think? I'm really going to have to gain some control over this addiction fast.......why oh why did they have to do this to me????? I had almost earned my halo back for being so good and now I gotta start all over again. Oh well..........
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    I love it. Vanilla Coke and Vanilla Pepsi. Just gives it a nice clean crisp less caustically carbonated taste.
  4. by   AnaH
    I have tried Vanilla Coke and love it, but I haven't even seen Vanilla Pepsi.

  5. by   Stargazer
    I haven't seen Vanilla Pepsi either, not even on TV. I tried Vanilla Coke once and really liked it; waiting for the diet version to come out.

    And...courtesy of The Onion:

    Nation's Economic Recovery Hinging On Success Of Diet Vanilla Coke
    WASHINGTON, DC--As the nation struggles through a recession, economy watchers are pinning their hopes for recovery on the soon-to-be-launched Diet Vanilla Coke. "Diet Vanilla Coke, to be introduced this fall, is our last, best chance at turning this thing around," Fed chief Alan Greenspan said. "We had hoped that Pepsi Blue or Dr. Pepper Red Fusion would stem the tide, but consumers have not responded in sufficient numbers." If Diet Vanilla Coke fails to jumpstart the economy, experts say the U.S. is doomed.

  6. by   stressedlpn
    I didnt like it or even lemon pepsi, just give Dr. Pepper and coffee and I am one happy little gal, however my kids and SO love it
  7. by   live4today
    I've never liked Coke period! I'm a Pepsi lover......addicted.....but restrain myself to no more than 20 ounces per week. I'm not a big anything drinker, except for Bottled Water. For every bottle of coke a coke lover will drink, I can drink a bottle of bottled water.....especially Dasani's bottled water!
    Hate it. Don't really like Coke at all. I'm a Pepsi girl! Yeah baby! (sorry... just saw Austin Powers)

  9. by   Momma_Penguin
    I am a classic coke lover..... I tried the vanilla coke.... offense to those who like it. The other thing I tried was the blue pepsi...ewwwwwww. Oh well... I guess we can't all love the same things, that would make the world boring. Laura LPN
  10. by   BadBird
    Looks like poll here, I am a diet coke girl, just love it. I haven't tried the vanilla coke yet until they come out with the diet kind.
    I kid you not, I held out on trying all of these until one day at the store. In one trip, we bought vanilla coke, red dr. pepper, and blue pepsi. None of them were any good.

  12. by   JAYNE :DANCE:
  13. by   WalMart_ADN
    hate hate hate coke but i can drink pepsi for breakfast...and i do in my car with a granola bar lol..... got offered chocolate flavored pepsi recently on vacation...i figure 2 of the worlds most perfect things together? can't possibly be bad. I was wrong. It was horrible lol.
  14. by   Love-A-Nurse
    although we drink classic coca-cola, my children and i tried the vanilla coke and not a single one of us liked it. yuck!