Anyone a Big bang theory lover?

  1. Just wondering If I am alone in the BBT obsession.....

    Who's your fave character and why?
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  3. by   Hygiene Queen
    I think all of the characters are very engaging.
    I do have some concerns since my son relates to Sheldon...
    I also get a big kick out of Penny... very funny and natural actress.
  4. by   herring_RN
    I like the show. The characters remind me of many of my Star Trek club friends 20 years ago. They have matured since then.
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  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    I ADORE Big Bang Theory!! All of the stars are soooooo good at what they do that it's hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to do so, I'd have to choose Penny. She is everything the other characters are not, and that's street-smart.

    As Sheldon once said, "I'm up a river of excrement in a Native American aquatic conveyance without a manual means of propulsion". Love it!!!
  6. by   Kylee B
    I very much like BBT and all the characters, especially Sheldon. But what I like most are the writers of this genuinely funny program.
  7. by   BCgradnurse
    I love this show! My favorite character is Amy, because she is so clueless. I guess you could say that about most of the characters, though.
  8. by   blackvans1234
    Do you guys think Sheldon and Amy are going to try to have the big S_E_X?

    I'm thinking they're going to agree to try, and then sheldon will end up running out in his underwear.

  9. by   NYRN81
    Quote from blackvans1234
    Just wondering If I am alone in the BBT obsession.....Who's your fave character and why?
    I love Sheldon's character- I especially like the scenes between him and Penny and him and his mother. Cause both Penny and his mother know how to press his buttons lol. Their interactions are so funny- there is something really sweet and organic about it.
  10. by   kalevra

    Shes smart, short and hot!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from blackvans1234
    Do you guys think Sheldon and Amy are going to try to have the big S_E_X?

    You mean, "coitus"?
  12. by   herring_RN
    I was posting on another thread about people showing me a picture of a Brachiosaurus eating the top leaves of a tree. When I saw that picture I tuned out what the lady was saying because it seemed the dinosaur was chewing like a giraffe. The long necked dinosaurs swallowed plants whole. They didn't chew.

    They were religious people very politely trying to explain their interpretation of the Bible.

    What would Sheldon have said?
    Would he even care?
  13. by   blackvans1234
    There's one episode (earlier on in the series), where Amy is telling sheldon to find his something, near his acromion process, and he is clearly not on his acromion process.
    tsk tsk tsk.
  14. by   herring_RN
    Sheldon should take anatomy.