Anybody listening to POD?

  1. Hi everyone,

    just a random threat. Just been to a concert seeing my favorite band again (POD). I was wondering if anybody in here listens to them. They are an awsome band in my opinion. Really hard rock, but no cussing, nothing but positive messages, no drugs, no groupies. Its a nice positive vipe in an industrie such as showbiz. Anyway, just wondering if anybody else in here likes the band. They put on a great show.
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  3. by   manna
    I'm not a big fan, but my husband listens to them (along with some completely horrific, offensive music, so he doesn't enjoy their music for the reasons you listed LOL)
  4. by   darla80
    showing my age..I had not heard of them until my twenty year old asked for POD CD for Christmas a couple of years ago... he also had a screen saver of theirs and has gone to thier concerts.

    My daughter who is 18 also thinks they "Rock"

    Afte reading thier lyrics..I would agree with you the message is God given
    Glad to hear there are some fans out there.. I say hard rock can be about the message..