Anybody In Seattle?

  1. just wondering if anybody's from the area.
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  3. by   Stargazer
    SuperMan, there are a number of us in Washington State, but I think I might be the only one in Seattle proper, unless the other locals are just being careful about their anonymity.

    Welcome to the boards!
  4. by   psychonurse
    Well I am a Southern neighbor.....I live in Oregon
  5. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Im not even close, I took a wrong turn at Albequerque

    doo wah ditty
  6. by   live4today
    Been there......stayed a spell......traveled onward up to Alaska...then back down to Colorado.....then ordered to come even FURTHER south.......right here to the LoneStar State itself. :chuckle
  7. by   waicurn
    this is a pretty cool site ! one of my friends kept sending me quotes she copied from here... for the longest time... now i know it's from all you crazy nurses !! hmm... but i guess i'm no exception now
  8. by   stevierae
    I live in Oregon, but go to Seattle all the time to teach and consult. What a beautiful city!!! Tully's coffee rules!
  9. by   mcruss
    I'm down here near Lakewood( about 45 minutes south of Seattle).
  10. by   waicurn
    hey tricia, read you're almost graduating ! congrats ! know where you want to work yet? if you are looking for something challenging i know madigan is a great hospital ! they will push you to the limit as a lpn! since it's an army hospital, they'll train you to do practically anything you want to do! i think they'll even pay for your school if you choose to keep going !
  11. by   waicurn
    i live in oregon, but go to seattle all the time to teach and consult. what a beautiful city!!! tully's coffee rules!
    if you like tully's... try !! they roast in small batches... i love their stuff !! for a great cause too. my favorite is their organic sumatra and breakfast blend!! oh man! nothing like it ! i heard peet's is pretty good too... hadn't try it yet though.

    why is it that whenver i talk about seattle, it always ends up about coffee??!!
  12. by   mario_ragucci
    I lived in Seattle for 9 years (1989-1998) i LOVED sEATTLE so much. Especially in the early 90's before it got all commercialized. I always lived downtown/capitol hill, and took the pike place market for granted because i miss that fresh stuff very much. I visited Portland a few times, and figured it would be a nice change. People told me it was boring in Portland, and it turned out to be a great place to go to school for me, but its boring :-( I love the bus tunnel in seattle and the monorail.
    The main thing i miss about seattle, believe it or not, is the seagulls. I loved to go to the water and see them and feed them. I always loved to see them swoop down off the buildings and eat stuff. Plus, they used to make this trumpeting call that always made me laugh when I heard it. The Seattle seagulls made me coo-coo :-( I'm sorry
  13. by   adrienurse
    I'm jealous. I want to live on the West Coast!! I love Vancouver and have been there a bunch of times to visit. It just makes you feel healthy.

    Here in the prairies it's so flat and cold or else hot. I haven't seen the ocean for 2 years.
  14. by   Mkue
    originally posted by superman!
    just wondering if anybody's from the area.
    no, but are you "sleepless in seattle?" sorry couldn't resist, loved that movie.

    welcome superman !!! :wink2: