Anybody happen to catch the Tim Mcgraw special?

  1. Oh Baby...................He was HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm not into country. But my mom had promised a friend of her's she would tape it for her, and then remembered she's electronically challenged and does not know how to record on her VCR, so I was nominated to tape it.

    Uh huh....... Oh yeah, I watch it frm beginning to end!
  4. by   shygirl
    Cute, very cute!
  5. by   cactus wren
    I first saw him at a county fair in California, while I was traveling..He was so young.........Now ...Wow, he`s grown up GOOD !!!!! ( I`m turning into a DOL...dirty old lady....wait a minute, I`m no lady....)....
  6. by   NurseDennie
    I didn't see that one.

    Did you see "opera baby", Josh Groban? OMG, he's so cute - he still has his baby cheeks!!! But what a voice. Just glorious.

    He's going to be a he!! of a baritone when he grows up.


  7. by   renerian
    Missed Tim, fell asleep. Saw Faith. LIked it. Saw them in Columbus last year.