anybody a fan of...

  1. Dr. Sue? She is on the oxygen network after 11pm M-F. Her show is called the Sunday night sex talk show. She must come out of Canada, since all of her callers are from there. She is hilarious to listen to, and nothing shocks her! She also does a segment called "The Pleasure Chest". Catch her if you can.
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  3. by   Lausana
    I don't get Oxygen, but a friend does & we caught her once :chuckle It was so hard to watch this little older lady and hear what was coming out of her hearing it from my grandma...especially with the background scenery!
  4. by   colleen10
    OMG!!!! My husband and I were flipping through the dial looking for something to watch one night and there was this little old lady talking about penis rings, all kinds of things that I never even knew existed!

    The pleasure chest is pretty interesting as are the people that call in with questions.

    It is kind of creepy for this little old lady to so easily talk about all that stuff but she seems pretty cool and is so non-threatening that I can see why people feel comfortable calling in and asking her questions.

    In my opinion, any kind of sex education is good for the public.
  5. by   Hidi74
    My parents were watching this a while back...asked me if I had ever seen it....ewwwwwwwwwwwwww Not a disscussion I want to have w/ my
  6. by   sunnygirl272
    saw it once..she is kinda funny.....unfortunately, caught a few inaacuracies re: Dx transmission....