Any Weight Watchers here??

  1. After a difficult time with my blood pressure and having my MD tell me my triglycerides were elevated, I decided to give Weight Watchers a try and am thrilled with my new life style. I started the program on June 1st and have lost 14 pounds so far. Anyone else fighting the "battle of the bulge" and can you offer any pointers? Any good "low fat" products that you're hooked on? I recently found a web site that offers snack products and I am hopelessly hooked on "Skinny Chips." These look like hollow french fries, are crunchy and taste yummy. They also offer a fruit roll up of sorts that counts as a fruit serving on WW. You can find these at I am intersted in pointers, recipes (especially rice dishes) and web sites for purchasing products that taste good but are healthy.
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  3. by   kewlnurse
    I sort of do the WW thing, i lost about 28 lbs in the last fw months, working overnights help alot since i jus drink coffee and a salad, and some fruit instead of eating. i also supplimnet wiht beer
  4. by   night owl
    hi duckie

    i don't actually attend weight watchers, but since the end of january i've cut out alot of empty calorie foods otherwise known as junk foods, stay away from the pastas, the pizzas, the breads, the fat and sugars and i've lost 45 lbs and dropped three dress sizes. i eat mainly veggies, fruits, proteins, drink alot of flavored carbonated water, coffee of course, 1% fat free milk. i do have a bowl of cereal in the morning the lowest in calories i could find and that is the puffed rice or the puffed wheat without the sugar coating. i put fruit in it with equal and milk. i keep my mouth shut and just say "no" to everything i can't have and just try to keep myself busy and try not to think of food which by now i don't. at first it was hard, but now it's alot easier. i guess you could say this diet is a low carb high protein diet. it's working well so far. now if i could just start my exercise program to start toning up i'd really be ok. i still have a way to go yet and it probably won't be for another year until i get all that i want off. but i'm just determined to do it and i will.

    once and a while i treat myself to something good like last night i bought some low fat yogurt ice swirl. 100 calories for 4 0z, but 22 carbs. it's wonderful!!! control is another issue with me. can't over indulge and must stay within the limits. very difficult at times, but managable most times. as long as i'm busy i'm fine.

    i don't know how much you have to lose, but what keeps me sane is that i take one day at a time , & ten pounds at a time. don't worry about tomorrow, next week, or next month. let's face it, food is an addiction. we can't survive without it, but we have to learn to control it and eat right. people laugh at us fatties, but they don't realize that it's such a struggle when we decide to take it off. then we have to keep it me it's just as bad as kicking a drug habit, or getting off of alcohol. it's not easy, but it can be done if you really, really want to do it...
  5. by   cjp
    Hi there
    I am a life time member of weight watchers. I last 40 pounds and admit I have gained some back. If you stick with the program it really works. I gave my self one day to eat what I wanted. I still lost but a bit slower.

    I'm back on the program and doing well. The meetings help alot too. You can get all the support you need from the people that attend. I have a couple of cookbooks from WW and use them all the time. I have made anything I didn't like.

    Good luck. It's hard work but you look and feel soooo much better when you have reached you goal.
  6. by   oldgal
    Hi Duckie,
    I think you used to post on Hoolahan's old weight watchers board. I did too. I have been going to WW for 12 weeks now and have lost 40 lbs. I must admit it's been a struggle but it's the only program I've been on and really succeeded on. I drive everybody nuts with the "points". I have found several sites with great recipes. They are,, and They all have many different recipes and several also provide points for restaurant foods when you eat out. Good luck in the battle cause that's what it truly is. I try to take one day at a time. Right now I'm in a plateau and it is really hard. And, if you have as much weight to lose as I do you don't want to think about how long it may take you. One day at a time is the only way for me to succeed. Good Luck.
  7. by   duckie
    Have any of you WW's tried the ice cream treat, Skinny Cow's? OMG!!!!! They are so good and only 2 points. I have found them in Choc. and Vin. and they are really good. It makes you feel like you're cheating but you're not. I buy them at Walmart.
  8. by   st4304
    Hey Duckie!

    A fellow Hoosier here! After a year of eating healthy (no junk food or carbonated drinks - including diet drinks) and watching my fat calories (not grams), I am now down to a size 6! Our wellness director recommended the book "Eater's Choice: A Food Lovers' Guide to Lower Cholesterol" by Dr. Ron Goor and Nancy Goor, and now my cholesterol is at a healthy level too! This book uses a calculation according to your body frame, your activity level, and age/gender to give you a goal of so many fat calories a day. I look on the packages of the food I eat to see how many fat cals it contains and only allow myself 150 fat cals a day. Now that I am at my goal weight I can increase this, but now I do not crave that fatty foods that I use to, plus I want to get my LDL below 100.

    I also bought a George Foreman grill -- it makes the best chicken breasts (skinless, of course!) Also, I love craisins (dried cranberries)!

    My problem now is that I have lost all this weight and my muscle tone is yuck. I would love to start exercising but I am at work by 0630, get off at 3pm when I start running kids everywhere, so by the time I get home, cook dinner, and clean up - - I am too tired to exercise. Okay, okay, I'm also just too lazy to get started, but I really want to.

    Hang in there! Sounds as if you all are doing great!



    There's more than corn in Indiana! (You just can't see it because of all the corn.)
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    Hi Duckie,

    I have "watched" my "weight" climb higher and higher over the last couple of years. People say that marriage will do that to you. My weight has totally messed up my menstrual cycle which, I believe is the reason that I have not been able to get pregnant.
    I haven't seen a doctor since last July--he ran a prolactin level which was fine and a TSH test which was also fine--I know I need to see a GYN but I think that If I lost about 40 to 50 lbs my periods would return and then I might be able to conceive.

    See this same thing happened when I was 18 years old. i gained the Freshman 15 and then some. Menses ceased went to doc, got provera, which induced a period, lost some weight then periods returned to normal. Anyhow, I am totally NOt happy with my body yet I have no control when it comes to food. I love to snack am a total carb addict etc etc. I need help!
  10. by   hoolahan
    Not doing weight watchers. Too liberal for me. I like the Zone, I feel great when eating that way.

    I have to share a secret. I broke down and ordered the Gazelle Freestyle exercise machine by Tony Little. I did my 1st workout yesterday, and not only was it great, it was low impact and fun. I can really enjoy it. I worked out in the am and felt such an endorphin high all day, I got a zillion things accomplished. I love this nifty little machine! Once I get some of this weight off, I'll post a before and after pic. I made a decision after seeing myself in a full-length mirror on vacation, while wearing my bathing suit, that the time has come. No more nachos! No more ice cream. No more excuses!!

    What's everyone else doing for exercise?
  11. by   duckie
    I've been on the WW plan since June 1st and am loving it. Down 20 pounds!!!! I love the flexible selection available to me and knowing that there is no food I absolutley cannot have keeps me on track. So far my biggest problem has been eating all my points everyday consistantly. I never realized it wasn't how much I was eating but what I was eating before. I do, at times feel like all I do is eat and with everything I must eat, I get a lot of raised eyebrows and disbelief from my co-workers that laugh, because I am always eating, just healthier food. I have no doubts that this time next year, I will be half the woman I once was!!!! What a great feeling. Already I feel so much better, more energy and I finally really feel good about me. My once soaring BP is under control. Before the loss of just 20 pounds, it was not uncommon for my BP to be 180/110 when at work. The other night I took it and it was 96/69, not bad and this was on a not so good night where I ran constantly, so I'd say that WW is helping my health more than I ever thought it would. I could go on forever about WW, it sure is turning my life around!!!
  12. by   Enright
    I'd love to hear from any old time WW lifetime have you transitioned from the selection plan to points? I've had a terrible time with this. I know it is probably just a mental exercise but I was so very fond of the selection plan (and got to goal and maintenance) that it was like losing a friend. I made up my own materials but without the support its been a lot harder.

    Anyone else in this boat?
  13. by   radnurse2001
    I've lost 24 lbs since fathers day following a 1400 cal ADA diet. It's easy and convienant. I never feel deprived at all. I can move my exchanges around to fit my plans, lifestyle, etc... One of the dieticians here at work helped me set it up. I eat no added sugar at all. I can eat natural sugars ie fruit etc... No food group is eliminated. I've found sometimes I can't eat all the food I'm supposed to in a day. One of the biggest changes was switching to diet pop(soda). I was a confirmed coke classic drinker (upwards of a 6 pack a day). Now I drink diet Pepsi and water. I also started exercising. I now walk 2 miles in a half hour almost every night and a mile in 15 min at lunch if I can. If I don't walk in the evening now I feel lousy. I make my husband walk with me (he can stand to lose a few pounds too...bad family heart history) and my three children ride their bikes. It's a great activity and works muscles I forgot I had. Good luck to everyone out there.
  14. by   JennieBSN
    Just joined ww online. So far, so good...'course, I'm only 2 days into the program.

    Glad to hear that so many of you like it!!!