Any Validation Therapy Workers out there?

  1. I am currently going to classes to earn my Validation Therapy Worker Certificate. For those not familiar with Validation Therapy, it is a communication technique and tool for working with the very old maloriented. ("Take me home to my husband now!"House has been sold and spouse has passed away years ago.) I am finding it very difficult to practice where I work because of the number of non-verbal residents we have and I keep getting flipped to all units and cannot establish a relationship with one resident.
    Any one out there doing the same now? for more information or try and type in validation therapy
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  3. by   semstr
    ok, I am not a certificated validation nurse, but I visited a few seminars, one with Naomi Feil herself.
    It was awsome!! This woman is up for the my personal Nobel-prize!!
    I visited a few different wards, where validation is done and it is even more awsome to see how it works for the confused elderly people.
    I am sure you know it is not for the Alzheimer patients, but for the others, who are confused and desorientated.
    Did you try the mirroring (or however you call it, here it is called "spiegeln" that means mirror), normally that works to get respons from the nonverbal patients too.

    Take care and let us know about your doings, take care, Renee
  4. by   cargal
    Yes , I did try mirroring with a maloriented very hard of hearing and visually impaired woman. Some of the nurses hit the ativan with her right away instead of dealing with her, but I found it to be very effective. Naomi's daughter, Vicki DeKlerk is teaching the class, but I get to meet Naomi herself in July! Mostly I don't work with one resident, which I need to do for my homework, but because I move around the facility alot, I mostly practice in case by case instances. I do feel like I don't practice enough. Also have a very angry pincher biter hitter swearing male resident (he is very strong) that I feel like a complete failure with Validation when I get around him. And I am afraid of him!! Vicki states she has never been bitten, scratched hit. Also, we have many agency nurses, so we don't have continuity of care.
    I just wish I could find a textbook stage I or II maloriented that doesn't hit, swear and can hear so I can get my homework done!
    I love the classes. They are soo intense. If I get nothing else from them, I have learned to walk with the resident in their mind's eye and empathize with them!
    Thanks for your response. I meant to post this under geriatrics or possible general discussion if a moderator sees this and can move it- thanks!
  5. by   semstr
    ok, didn't know Vicky was Naomi's daughter, know Vicky because she's Dutch! Well, her husband is. Now isn't this a small, amazing world!

    As for not being scratched or bitten, well happened to me a few times, but as I stated I am not a certificated validation nurse, so I am doing a lot of the wrong things.

    But you can start doing the mirroring (glad it is called that way to overseas) with people surrounding you. I did that a few times and it really makes people nervous. it's funny and a good way to rain your lessons.

    Take care, Renee