Any Tivo fans out there?

  1. I'm just curious to see how many members out there have a Tivo or another DRV (digital video recorder). We've had one for the last few years and absolutely love it, I don't know what I'd do without it.

    It has to be the best gadget to come out in the past decade.

    What do you think?
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  3. by   ats
    I've been looking into them this week, Brian, but I don't know anybody who has one.

    Can you really record programs on different channels without having to do a manual switch? That would really be nifty for me, to be able to just program the shows I like and not have to be home to bother with things.

  4. by   Brian
    Yes, you can. It's called "Season Pass". For example, if you want to record American Idol every time it is on, it's one simple step, tell tivo you want a season pass for American Idol.

    No need to mess with it. Tivo always knows the next two weeks of TV programing so even if the start time of the show starts, tivo knows and will program it when it is on.

    Being able to pause live TV and being able to start watching the begining of a show before it's done recording are very cool features too.

    Basically, I rarely ever watch live tv anymore. I watch the shows that I want, when I want. No need to worry about getting home to watch my favorite show, or remembering to set the vcr. I havent used the VCR to record anything since I've had tivo. Plus it records everything digitally, so the picture quality is superior to Videotapes.

    Cant say enough good things about it.
  5. by   Tweety
    Now for the next big question? Cost? Monthly fee? Does it subscribe to certain channels? How many channels? Do you also have your cable channels like HBO and Showtime?

    I'm thinking my spouse would like this because he's forever taping shows. I thought this was going to be the next wave in television, but seems slow in taking off.

    Can you record more than one show at a time. We have problems in this house on Tuesdays when we're at work. I want American Idol (the ONLY show I watch) and John wants Buffy and Smallville (recorded on two TVs).
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  6. by   debbyed
    I read that Direct TV and Tivo had come together to make a system for Direct TV. I'd love to have that since I work 7p-7a. Currently we run around the house programming different VCR's for different times and stations.
  7. by   PediRN
    I love my tivo. My husband calls it "instant entertainment". No tapes, no clocks, once its hooked up its SO easy to operate. Highly recommend it.