any skydiving nurses in here

  1. Hi yall

    Ive taken up a new hobby, just as much fun as golf and very exciting. And that is skydiving, yes its an expensive sport, but what a thrill.
    When I made my first jump I learned several things

    1. its really cold up there

    2. always pee before you go up for a jump

    3. never eat a huge bowl of chili before going up for a jump

    really though, I might be a bit old for this, but it is the most eciting thing to happen to my life.

    my wife hates me jumping
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  3. by   jbro
    i've been wanting to, waiting until i can afford it, maybe when i finish school, it seems like it would be a good way to get may adrenaline fix
  4. by   teeituptom
    Its an overpowering rush

    Ive just completed my 30th jump
  5. by   2ndCareerRN
    Way to go Tom. Skydiving is a great sport. So, are you ready to try BASE jumping yet? They must have some tall buildings in Dallas!!

    My most memorable jumps came on the miltary side. I got to do a "hop&pop" from 25K feet at the Naval Parachute Test Center in China LAke, CA. Hop and pop is where you open your chute as soon as you step outside. We were following some telemetry dummies testing a new chute design. They were on a static line so we had to open right away to stay with them.

    I have put on a little poundage since those days, so I am working on getting it gone so I can start up again next spring. One thing about parachutes, the more weight they carry, the faster they descend...and I really like my knees the way they are now.

  6. by   Alnamvet
    1178 jumps here...don't know if I have time left to break 2K
  7. by   cantoo
    I've got 196 jumps under my belt. It is expensive, but worth it. Totally life affirming. And a great way to clear your head and destress. My DH works part time at a local drop zone and he got me into it. Now, I can't imagine life without getting "aired out" every couple weeks.
  8. by   hbscott
    My brother jumped out of a helicopter (at a very short altitude of 500 feet) the day of his wedding. His soon to be wife wasn't thrilled with the idea but my brother said that getting married was scarier than jumping out of the helicopter.

    I am the rock climber (haven't jumped from an airplane or helicopter) but I have hung from a cliff or two at very high altitude. I also hang glide and I have flown (and landed) off of aircraft carriers in high performance jets. Now that was really fun.

    The point is to have fun because if we are too busy working all the time it just isn't worth it. None of my Oncology patients ever said on thier deathbeds that they should have spent more time at the office.

  9. by   heart queen
    I only skydive... when PUSHED !

    Excited for you and the new death wish :chuckle

    I'm jealous, yet happy to not be in freefall at the present moment.
  10. by   Angelica
    I had three dummy rip cord pulls many years ago and one tandem. I've decided to quit while I'm ahead.
  11. by   jemb
    1500+ jumps here.
  12. by   teeituptom
    getting a good response here

    not up to base jumping yet

    the reunion tower looks tempting

    but Im still learning
  13. by   zenman
    Long time ago I did it after wanting to for years. Made a bad landing on airport runway, slamming on my back. Couldn't feel a thing. Took deep breath and rolled over and said, "Thank God, I'm not a quad!" Broke coccyx and laid on belly for a week. It was nice but not worth the time and effort.
  14. by   kmchugh
    Never been skydiving, Tom. I did go to the Army's Airborne school. Guess that doesn't count, though, since I got hurt day three of ground week. I figure that's God's way of telling me he doesn't want me jumping out of airplanes. So, I never jumped from anything higher than the 34 foot tower.