Any "Osbourne's" fans here?

  1. MTV has sucked me in yet again! I find The Osbourne's hilarious...anyone else addicted to watching?

    I don't usually like "reality" type shows but this is just plain funny, they are each so predictable in ways-Ozzy wearing the same outfit on every show, at the kitchen table painting the same picture, mumbling something then bellowing for "SHARON" because the dog pooped in his chair or something.:roll They're kind of like the crazy relatives you only see at Christmas!!

    Please tell me I'm not alone??!!
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  3. by   lever5
    you are not alone.
  4. by   misti_z
    I watch it as often as possible. It is hilarious. :roll :roll :roll
  5. by   Hardknox
    I read it was the most popular show MTV ever produced. I have to put on the closed caption option on my TV to make out what Ozzie is saying. If you looked up the word "burn-out" in the dictionery, Ozzie's picture would be beside it. It's amazing how they seem to have some of the same problems as the rest of us!($54 million income an all!)
  6. by   micro
    gotta get my old blank vhs tapes out.....heard people crackin bout this at work.........
  7. by   CEN35
    i haven't ever seen it? i guess i'll have to check it out!


  8. by   Paprikat
    I is coming to Canada soon, like April 30th on MTV Canada. I have subscribed to that channel solely to watch the Osborne's!
  9. by   nursedawn67
    I love this show...poor Ozzy is so fried!! :angryfire He is the perfect example why to stay off of drugs!!!
  10. by   CC NRSE
    watched it last pm!! :d absolutely hilarious.:roll :roll :roll
  11. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by greer128
    I love this show...poor Ozzy is so fried!! :angryfire He is the perfect example why to stay off of drugs!!!
    Ain't it the truth...:roll...:roll...

    Count me me hooked too! :chuckle:
  12. by   ktwlpn
    The show is a hoot! He is almost braindead.I made my son watch it -Ozzie is a great PSA "This is your brain after drugs" And what's up with his left (U think) hand? Looks like a Parkinson's type tremor....Very entertaining-just watching him try to take out the trash was funny...Good idea about using the closed captioning to catch the dialogue-the sound quality is not the best...
  13. by   momrn50
    You have to love Ozzy...he just doesn't have a clue...the whole family is messed up...and i thought MY family was dysfunctional....great show though...that Sharon is one smart woman. Good article in this months Rolling Stone on the show.
    It's like a car accident... I just can't look away!!

    I'm interested in the other daughter, the one who moved out to avoid the cameras. Could you imagine LIVING with them