Any "24" fans?

  1. I just love this show! I am totally hooked, and I hate it. It is one of the best shows on tv right now, but it is one of those that you can't hardly keep up with if you don't see every episode. I usually tape it, and watch later. That way I can at least skip the commercials. Do you think Jack will be revived? There are so many twists in this show that it wouldn't surprise me if he isn't.
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  3. by   zambezi
    OHHH...have to agree with you....i just love this show, i am totally hooked...good thing that i do not work on husband and i have tv night...make a nice dinner, watch american idol and then 24...i wait all week for it...i think he will be revived..he and kate have to get together in the end...even though she is half of his age..who knows until next week though...
  4. by   MJ-12
    I would like to be a 24 fan
    i heard that its a great show but never seen the first season and want to watch it all from the beginning. Probably going to get in on DVD and watch it from there since i don't want to watch it from the middle of season 2

    Not sure if you ever watch alias, its also a great show. Saw all of season 1 and it kicked butt. Season 2 is also pretty good but heard its starting to go down hill. Haven't been watching it lateley.
  5. by   plumrn
    Oh, yes! He and Kate have got to get together!
    This show is at times pushing the limits for tv with the violence, but I think that is also what makes it so different.
  6. by   kimmicoobug
    I love this show and have the first season on DVD. I spent three whole days watching the first season when I was sick last. I cried at the last episode. I actually bought the DVDs because I got hooked on the second season and had to watch the first season. I am trying to figure out who the mole is in this season.
  7. by   renerian
    I love 24!!!!!!!!! Your right it is so addictive! I missed several episodes that I am going to have to watch in the summer!!!

  8. by   llg
    Yep. I've never missed an episode. I am totally addicted.

  9. by   karenG
    I'm addicted too- we have the second season here so dont give it away- its now 2pm and the clock is ticking!!!!!

  10. by   e-nurse
    24 is w/out a doubt the most awesome, suspenceful, imaginative show on TV today! I'm hooked! Last year I missed a couple of episodes and it totally ruined it. I stopped watching it b/c of it. But this year I watch it faithfully, haven't missed one yet, and don't plan to. Love it!
  11. by   susanmary
    Started watching it this year -- it's such an excellent show. Of course, Jack will be "revived" -- he's the star. Very different show -- not for everybody -- but I love it.
  12. by   LauraF, RN
    Here I was excited thinking you were talking about Jeff Gordon the Nascar Winston cup driver that drives "24". I can't say that I have watched 24 the series.:imbar
  13. by   Rapheal
    I am not a fan of this show but watch it just to see KIEFER!!!!!!
    I cannot look away when he is on the screen. My favorite celebrity crush. Enjoy the show you guys. Hope Kiefer is acting as long as his famous dad.
  14. by   plumrn
    I'm with you, Rapheal! Did you know Kiefer is the voice on the phone in the new movie Phone Booth? Haven't seen it yet, but hope to.