Any particular weekend plans!

  1. mine are, studying and more studying!

    i did promise the children that we would spend a couple of hours doing a family "thing" tomorrow.

    they have chosen to simply "hang out" at one of our malls.

    your plans are?

    can you tell i need to get out more. posting topics is the best i can do..hehe
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  3. by   RNonsense
    I too, am doing the mommy thing tomorrow. Have to work Sun/Mon though...*snif
  4. by   aimeee
    Mommy thing here too. Son has a friend overnight and daughter will have a friend overnight tonight. And lots of cleaning, shopping, etc. Just glad to be with my darlings and away from the stresses of work for a couple days.
  5. by   nursedawn67
    work work work work and more work!!
  6. by   emily_mom
    Going shopping today and then out to eat at a wonderful place on the lake tonight (late V Day celebration). Tomorrow I'm studying my buns off as hubby and daughter are going ice fishing.

    Oh, and I plan to take a nap when I get home from shopping... Have had it on my planner all week!

  7. by   NurseDianne
    Icefishing? If only.........:sigh: still no snow here........only rain and cold........ugh
    lets see plans........oh sister is making her annual 'treck' down from Atlanta for my dads birthday. Just for today and will leave again tomorrw......yeah.........(oh no I'm not bitter at all)
    This year she has decided (since he had a stroke right before Christmas and she hasn't even bothered to darken our end of the state) that he needs a puppy. And who do you think she has enlisted to pick up said pup today? Me of course. And this is a surprise. Hmmmmmm, what if he hates it? Guess I get another dog. But I don't think he will. Picking up a beatuiful Lab puppy this afternoon.
    Hubby is workin' so.........guess me and the girls and the son-in-law will do the family thing tonight.
    Tomorrow.......would love to sleep in.........going to church and I HAVE GOT TO STUDY!
  8. by   Heather333
    Work. Yee Ha!
  9. by   MissdonditaBsn
    Shooting in another Archery tournament today, It's a TRICounty tournament, against people from 3 counties. I have been really doing well lately so I am hoping that my nerves don't get the best of me today. I'm not a drinker, but I sometimes think about taking a shot of Vodka right before the tournament starts just to help me relax.

    After the tourny, the hubby and I will just chill out with each other. The kids are with their father this weekend, so we have the weekend to ourselves.

    Tomorrow I will go to church and then the hubby wants to go to Outdoor Rama (it's like a tradeshow for avid hunters and outdoor sportsman), that is if we don't get the 6 inches of snow they are promising us. If we don't go to the Outdoor Rama, I will for sure make sure I make it to my sons Soccer game since I very rarely miss them anyway and I am riddled with guilt that I am probably going to miss it.
  10. by   phn92
    My plans are to stay home!! I just want a weekend where I can spend some time with my kids and hubby!
  11. by   BadBird
    We went to a car show at the convention center, it was fun. Just hanging out at the house relaxing, not much else to do.
  12. by   cpgrn
    Groceries, cleaning and a little spring shopping. I'm still hoping for spring to come eventually although you would never believe it today. Snow today - again! This is the worst winter that I can remember.