Any Oprah Fans Here???

  1. I am an Oprah Fan. Are there any others here? I am intrigued with the show this week on "Emotional Eating" by Bob Greene; His philosophy is outline in his book and will be a part of her show (on and off) for the next 6 months while particpants perform his recommendations.

    Anyone else see the show? Or wishing to discuss it?

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  3. by   NurseDennie
    I LOVE Oprah! She used to be on TV here in Nashville when she was very, very, very young.

    One of the ladies in my office was on her show - during one of the book club shows. Cool, huh?

    Now that I'm working office hours, I almost never get to see her =-(


  4. by   donmurray
    So when is she going to have Dave Letterman on?
  5. by   live4today
    Hello Nightingale 1998,

    I am an Oprah fan. I saw her show with Bob Green, and I plan to buy his book soon. Loved his ideas! Hope to follow along with those three women over the next six months, and even lose some weight myself.
  6. by   nightingale
    I am thinking about it.... where are you getting the book from? I often use B.
  7. by   live4today
    I'll probably go to Barnes & Nobles, or Target since they usually carry many of Oprah's Book Club books, etc.
  8. by   mc40421
    I also saw the show and recognized myself in so much of what was said. I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions but I am going to try to "Get With The Program" and follow along with the progress of the three women for the next 6 months. I've already become a lot more conscious of my reasons for a lot of my binge eating, so at least it's a start.
  9. by   live4today
    I never thought that I was an emotional eater until I watched that show. I don't sit and constantly eat or reach for treats, but I do have my cravings, and when I want a treat, I eat it, then I'm done with it until the next time. If I don't get something my body is craving for, I substitute it with something else. Putting things like this in my diary should help me to recognize better what I'm doing that is not necessarily healthy for my body. I don't care to be pencil-thin, but I do care that my heart remains as fit as possible, especially since heart disease, hypertension, diabeties, and stroke are genetic diseases in my family.

    I haven't bought Bob Greene's book yet, but plan to by mid-month. Now, it's time for me and my overweight dog to take an afternoon power-walk. Thirty minutes is all I do each day unless I'm in the mood for an evening stroll with hubby and dog.
  10. by   pkmom
    I love Oprah, didn't see the show about emotional eating, I'm an emotional depriver. I get upset, I don't get hungry. I think my thighs could benefit from me being upset a little more often!

    Love Dr. Phil except on Tuesday's rerun, the whole audience felt pretty harsh, like they were idiot bashing. This lady was pretty crazy to ask what she should do about the affair she had been having for twenty years, but this woman was hurting and everyone was laughing at her. Maybe i was just being too sensitive.
  11. by   nightingale
    I missed that one... it sounds differnt from her usual format of being positive and uplifiting....

  12. by   CATHYW
    I really like Oprah's show, too. I only (rarely) get to see it on Mondays and Fridays when I am off. I think Dr. Phil is the Kewlest (sorry Kewl). He speaks with such common sense and authority.
    Last Monday's show was goodand I saw myself in a lot of what those women said. I'm trying to just cut back on eating, period. Has anyone ever heard a show about overweight people who eat, not only from stress, but because food tastes good? My husband and I both fit into that category.
    I also subscribe to O, the Oprah magazine for my daughter and myself.
  13. by   live4today
    Hi Cathy,

    My husband and I both sometimes eat more of a certain dish than we should simply because it tastes so scrumptuous! Those are the dishes I cook once a month or once every other month, that way we still get to enjoy our favorite pig-out foods without having it too often. Most days, our dinner consist of a broiled skinless chicken breast and a green vegetable, no bread, and H20.

    My husband, our pet dog, and I all need to lose weight and tone up, so as long as I keep the meals simple and not too rich with toppings, we are able to stick to our weight loss goals. My problem is exercising MORE than I already do. I keep my thirty minute daily power walk with the dog, but beyond that, I'm not too impressed with working out at the gym like I once did years ago. I really need to snap out of that bad habit, I know.

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    "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself".---George Bernard Shaw
  14. by   CATHYW
    That is a good idea about how often you have the foods that tend to "stick with you the longest" !
    I don't know if I could do the broiled, skinless chicken and green vegetable thing, day in and day out. I really like chicken and almost all vegetables, but...
    Exercise is something else I need to do, big time. If I wass able to watch Oprah on Tuesdays, I'll bet Dr. Phil would tell me that it was my hand putting the food in my mouth when my brain knew that I should be doing something different and better, and that it was my dead butt sitting there on the couch watching TV instead of exercising. In other words, he'd give a swift verbal kick in the rear that I really need!