Any one else poor?

  1. AHHHHHHHHHH! That feels at least a little better. My finances have become way out of control. I feel like I am circling the drain. Now remember, I am young and inexperienced so I have a mother to tell me how bad it is to be in debt and all of those good lectures. I work two jobs one I make 17.85 base/hour and the other 19.65/hr. AN average of 70 hours a week. I am worried about med errors and patient safety, but also worried that I am too young to declare bankruptcy. HELP! Any advice?
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  3. by   fergus51
    See a debt counsellor! A lot of my friends who are in their twenties like me went out of control with debt. One has almost staightenned out his finances and he makes 9$ an hour, so I am sure you can do it, even while working fewer hours. For him it was about separating the wants from the needs. He didn't need an expensive car or brand name clothes. Bankruptcy can screw your chances of getting things later in life. I couldn't reccommend a debt counsellor enough, they may be able to put all your debt together in a different loan (often at a lower interest rate) then you have only one monthly payment. They'll even figure out how long it will take for you to pay it off. Good luck.
  4. by   JennieBSN
    Ditto what Fergus said. Consumer credit counseling services is a non-profit debt counseling service that works with you and those to whom you owe money. I myself have used them, and have referred a friend to them as well. One of my husband's friends is also using them right now. Go to the yahoo yellow pages and type in 'consumer credit' in the search box for your city, and you'll get their number. It requires work and a commitment on your part, such as filling out paper work and getting a copy of your credit report ( Plus, they make you sign an agreement to not open any new charge accounts or make any new charges on your existing accounts, or you'll be kicked out of the program.'s free, it's legal, it's not a loan, and it's not 'shady.'

    Call them today, and call them NOW!! You'll feel so much better and won't be afraid to answer your phone any more (see...I HAVE been there!!). Good luck!
  5. by   neonnurse
    Careful, careful, careful! Before you join up with a debt service, ask yourself if you could pay off your debts on your own first. After nursing school I went nuts with credit cards, big mistake. After almost 4 years I've finally have got my head above water and can actually put a side a savings. I went the credit service route and yes it helped initially but even though it wasn't a bankrupcy, it was viewed as fiancee is a banker and he told me to get the hell out of the debt service. I did and acutually feel much better paying my debts without the help of a service. And even though it will take me 5 years before my credit is back in good standing, its nice to know that its on the mend. Cut up those damn cards!!! There EVIL! Good luck dear.
  6. by   Brian

    Several years ago, I got in a little over my head in spending too. Isn't it nice to know that you are not the only person who has/had Debt trouble I hope this Helps, good luck!

    I used this software program called Zilch to help me decide hos to get out of debt. I havent used it in years, but I found where you can download a free trial of it, check it out. I think that it is very similar to software that financial planners use to help you get out of debt.

    Basically, you plug in all of your debt and interest rates and then you tell the program how much extra money each month that you can put towards paying off your debt, it creates a payment schedule and gives you a forcast of when you will be out of debt, I really found this info empowering. Good Luck!!

    You can download it at:

    or here is the zilch website:

    Save thousands of dollars in credit card, loan, and mortgage interest penalties. Enter the name, annual percentage rate, balance, and monthly payment for each debt. Zilch analyzes your data and determines the best way to maximize your money. You get a personalized payment schedule that forecasts when you will be out of debt and shows you how much to pay each creditor each month. By following this schedule, you will cut years off the time it takes to pay off your debts. This updated version includes a date picker that calculates a repayment plan based on a future debt-free date. It also includes print preview, custom background colors, 3D graphs, and a choice of currency symbols.