Any nurses on the board who ride horses?

  1. I know this might seem like an odd question! But if any of you do ride seriously, you know about the time/life constraints that having horses can entail. If any of you do ride and/or compete, please let me know how it fits into your career in nursing.
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  3. by   dianah
    Not now, but used to. Rode English: trail rides and took dressage lessons, competed only once. Sorry, kinda not what you're looking for. But it's a great sport! What kind of riding do you do? I would think you might want to get a per diem position or, at least, one with a lot of flexibility, if you plan to compete in, say, cross-country or eventing.

    Good luck! There used to be one or two others on this BB who mentioned they rode, but I've forgotten their names . . . -- D
  4. by   rn-jane
    Second fiddle,
    I mostly trail ride,do a lil showing.I do mostly western, sometimes it's difficult with my busy schedule but i make time for it.There are days that i need to be around my equine buddies for my sanity! I used to live in the city, 6 years ago we moved to the country and bought an old farmhouse with 12 acres, i have two equine buddies one is an old appaloosa and a 10month old paint filly i am training( she keeps me sane on those rough days). IT can be an expensive hobby, depending on what your discipline is, but i get a sense of calming, just grooming my horses and being around them. I've always been horse crazy and could never imagine my life not being around them. Pm me if you like, love to talk about horses and riding anytime.