Any nurse here who is also into video production?

  1. A while back I asked if there were any nurses here who were remotely involved with music. . . at least had a keen interest in music. I asked this simply because music is one of my passions and creative outlets.

    I'm also involving myself with video. Digital video. . . MiniDV based, to be more precise. Since last winter, I've invested a modest amount of $$$ in a miniDV camera and related hardware and software. This has been a long standing dream to be able to get into the production aspect of videography. . . digital videography. What's even cooler is that I can score my own music to the video project.

    So far my projects have been modest. I've done a few 2002 holiday videos, a couple of church focused videos and a few home-grown videos of walks through the woods capturing mountains, streams, ponds, wildlife, etc. Video taping these projects is fun. Editing the digital video via the computer program is such a creative and rewarding experience. Scoring the music. . . well. . . I'm in freakin' heaven when I do this!!!

    I'm working on one video project in partnership with my hospital. I shared this a while back, but its a recruitment video in attempts to get men into nursing. Honestly, I think the premise of this project is a little wierd. I'd much rather this project be more inclusive and focus the recruitment video towards anyone. But this project gives me a chance to "play with my toys"! The script is written. Just waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting (since around February, by the way!) to start the actual video taping. Hope to start in a couple of weeks! Finally!

    So I'm sitting here. . . at work. . . with my usual one and only patient. . . who is safely sleeping. . . with her heart a-beatin'. . . wondering if anyone else holds an interest in any aspect of video production? Do you do profession video? Do you do home videos? Do you do editing? Are you involved more with the acting part of video production. . . in other words, are you a video diva????? :chuckle

    Please share your experiences you may have with any aspect of video production. Share the video related toys you may own (hardware and software). This is your time to brag about your video-related creative outlet!!

    Happy videography, folks!

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  3. by   H ynnoD
    I don't do it,but my Best Friend right now has been investing alot of time and money into starting His own Video Production Company in Fresno.They have one Mini DVD and rent a couple of others.I know he also just spent over $5000 on some editing Equipment and rented a big shop with a couple of offices.He said hes setting up his band equipment in one part of the shop for background music and the rest is for stages.Waiting to see if this works out for Him.He gets really into something and invests alot of money and time,but after awhile looses interest.Because we both have busy schedules I haven't gotten to check it all out yet.Will probably spend a day hanging out with him soon and see how its working out.I've heard his Ideas and they are really good,hope it does work out for Him and also you Ted,Good Luck.
  4. by   dianah
    Sorry, no video geeks here. DH does record his own CDs via computer (classical and old hymns on banjo -- he CAN play bluegrass, country, etc too!! Play any style music around him and he tilts his head, listens a few seconds and then out it comes: "needs a banjo." )

    You are so creative, Ted, glad you continue to find outlets for your gift(s)! Best, ------ D