Any musicians here?

  1. You may or may not know this. I'm a musician (which is why I'm a nurse!) My first degree is in music. . . writing "Film Compositions" to be exact (which is why I'm a nurse!). . . Got my BM degree (Bachelor's of Music) from Berklee College of Music (Yep! I'm "Colllege Name Dropping!". . . Again! :chuckle - - Again, which is why I'm in nursing).

    At any rate, I've spent a lot of time playing, composing, recording music. I love it. . . will continue to love it. . . and will continue to be a nurse (which I really do love too, by the way) in order to continue my musical affairs.

    I know quite a few people in the arts that are nurses too. People who are actors, musicians, artists, etc. . . AND nurses! Granted, the percentage of artisians who are also nurses isn't necessarily high. But it's significant.

    So. . . here I am. . . at my home computer. . . home of many-a-composed song. . . . home of the production of four albums. . . home of MY creative outlets. . .

    . . . and I'm wondering. . . anyone else out there like me??? Any other musicians? If so, what do you play? Do you compose? Are you in a band? If so, what kind of band? What's your style of music that you enjoy playing/composing/listening?

    By the way, anyone who can whistle a tune or snap their fingers to their favorite song is a musician in my book! So, don't be afraid to brag . . . or at least share your musical story. . . .

    Happy music, folks!


    Here's a thread for Other Artisans to strut their stuff . . . to brag. . . to share!
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  3. by   adrienurse
    I'm always singing or humming something. I don't even notice. My co-workers say that sometimes I sound like I'm posessed. I don't play an instrument though and I've never had any formal training (cept for spending my highschool years in the church choir).

    I'd really like to join a band. A jazz band or a swing band. Now that would be cool.
  4. by   Zee_RN
    Nope, sadly, not me. My husband plays guitar--has several of them and always looking to get new ones! He and his buddy say they are afflicted with GAS ("Guitar Acquisition Syndrome"). His favorites are his D-19 Martin and his Gibson Les Paul Standard.

    My daughter has just recently started taking guitar lessons and wants to learn classical guitar (as opposed to her rock 'n roll dad). She's doing surprisingly well for only 6 lessons thus far. Can do a good portion of "Malaguena."

    I wish wish wish wish I had taking music lessons as a child. I'd give up a body part to be able to sing, truly sing. Say like, about Alison Krause. I may give up both legs to be able to sing like that!
  5. by   jnette
    Originally posted by adrienurse
    I'm always singing or humming something. I don't even notice. My co-workers say that sometimes I sound like I'm posessed.

    OMG, Adrien, me TOO !!! It really irks my coworkers, too, and I really never even know I'm just humming or whistling along... heh. They ESPECIALYY hate it when I walk through the door at 0400 humming my merry little tunes...

    So: does playing the harmonica count? A twosided one.. play by ear.. have ever since I was itty-bitty. You name it, I play it. Uh.. had 9 years of piano, and taught self to play the organ, which I now own one and it's collecting dust since I got my puter.. :imbar .

    Also taught self to play the recorder.. stil have my original wooden one from Germany, about 45 yrs. old now.."vintage" I guess... (sounds better to these ears than :OLD"). :chuckle

    Still REALLY want to teach myself to play a little, round "squeezebox"... maybe I'll get myself one for Christmas this year. !
  6. by   kats
    I took 4 years of piano lessons as a kid. I have also been working on teaching myself to play the flute. I enjoy playing them both. Of course, whether anyone else would want to hear what I play is another thing all together! My son has a guitar he got for Christmas last year from his aunt that he played 3 or 4 times before setting it in the corner to collect dust. We also have a "c" alto sax that when I took it to be appraised, they said it was from the 20's, but it isn't worth anything because they don't even make sheet music for it anymore. My hubby was hoping to learn to play. We got it from my Mom. It is pretty though. That's about it.
  7. by   PennyLane
    I sing and play piano. Played flute briefly, would like to take it up again.

    I sing in a 100+ member chorus--mainly classical, but a few modern songs as well. Next spring we;re doing Bach B Minor mass (looooove it). I'm going to have skip the fall because I have class conflicts. boo-hoo.
  8. by   Rustyhammer
    I used to play a few instruments.
    I quit playing them all several years ago when my father passed on.
    Perhaps it's time to pick them up again.
  9. by   jnette
    My mother's music/voice instructor in Italy used to tell his students
    "those who have no love of music have no soul"...

    I know I inherited my love of music and theater from my parents. Both of them were active in both ever since I can remember... Dad is gone, but Mom continues tp persue her love of them by singing/acting to this day, at 81.
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    I'm always humming or singing too.

    Have a lovely guitar sitting here unused that my husband purchased for me . . .and I just let it sit.

    I'm a rank beginner . . . and need a structured class to take the leap to actually playing.

    sigh . . .

  11. by   pickledpepperRN
    This womens choir has two nurses. I've attended a concert with the father of one and really enjoyed it.

    In the '70s I was in a country band. Played and sang. It was great fun. My husband was friends with the leader, we were in the musicians union, and played in sleazy bars. We also raised money for charity.

    I had to quit when we were offerred a steady job because I worked Q0 weekend at the hospital. Lazer tumor removal ruined my voice. After 2 years of practice I can sing in tune again. Never had a great voice, now it's worse.

    A woman in Mexico has a band and sings songs I basically wrote the tune for, and wrote out the chords. Her brother lives across the street. He can't hear the notes, yet writes songs. They rhymn (in Spanish) and are tearjerkers. He brings his guitar for me to write the notes and chords to send her. As he sings I play the notes back on the piano asking if the tune is correct. He never says "No" but I am guessing and sometimes even change the tune later.
    She came to visit and is truly a fine musician. She plays the harp.

    Wish we could hear your music Ted.
  12. by   Wolfpax
    Love to play my guitar, just as happy on bass, not so good on mandolin but trying, sorry to admit I started out on the accordion (although it comes in handy sometimes), can do a few things on drums (when I'm in a more coordinated state of being)... yeah I got skills and I'm a rock star in my own mind. never played with any big guns but got the opportunity to get paid as a musician for about six years (not counting highschool and college garage band type stuff)... one year I took some of my worse psych patients Christmas caroling out and about the hospital campus, did the administrator's building... a few years later the DON remembered me when they were starting a special program... a day treatment center for inpatients... during that time, I did alot of music therapy, put together shows, and started a few different bands amoung the population (the best of which called "SHOCK THERAPY"), taught patients to play guitar, bass, basic piano, use percussion instruments... WHAT A BLAST !!!... but all goo things come to an end... the general concensus amoung some of my colleagues (of the complaining variety) was that this job was a waste of a perfectly good nurse that was needed on the floors... In that time I actually saw over 200,000 visits to my department, there were no major incidents, I did behavior modification, NLP. Reiki, crisis intervention, one to one therapy, taught ADL skills such as cooking, problem solving, leisure management... gee...I guess I wasn't doing any nursing type things was I ? The sad part about it was I didn't have any input in a replacement... the program is now defunked.... Thanks for the opportunity to vent, I've been back on the floors for the past five years and haven't killed anyone of my colleagues, who couldn't stand to work without me yet... I still may go postal

    By the way, was at a concert last night, and I still have that same fantasy over and over about being on the other side of the stage sitting with the musicians... I don't care if it's the Allmans, Steve & Edie, Santana, BB King or Julio... the longing never goes away... but with it , I generally get hit with a creative rush for a few days before I normal out.
  13. by   debralynn
    I don't play anything but cd's. But I pay for my daughter to take piano lessons. She now has a teacher who is trying to teach her how to play by ear and compose songs. Her teacher says she has a good ear for music and that she doesn't hear music like most people do. I guess thats good. I would like to take credit for this but she gets her musical talent from her father. He plays guitar by ear.
  14. by   pickledpepperRN
    Wolfpax, I LOVE the mandolin. Never even tried to play it.
    Played violin in the school orchestra. A little fiddle in the group we had.

    You can perform before an audience if you find a nursing home or adult day care that lets you come to entertain.
    I've done it and it is real fun. I do folk songs they would know to sing along to. Oh! Susannah, Down in the Valley and so on.
    CourseI sneak in my favorite, "This Land is Your Land".
    One guy plays "Spanish Eyes" on the accordian and sings flat as he flirts with the old ladies. The staff likes the music too.