Any James Ellroy fans out there?

  1. Was just posting on the Shield thread. Got me to thinking how much the show reminded me of a James Ellroy novel. Twenty years ago when Black Dahlia was a smash hit my friend tried to get me interested in his work. I turned my nose up at him at that time. To tell you the truth when I was still working I could not read or watch anything shocking or violent because I saw so many shocking things everyday on the job. However, now that I am away from bedside I can tolerate stuff I could not read before. It was the movie L.A. Confidential that got me interested. I have at this point read about two thirds of his books. By the way the book "All My Dark Places" which is about his mothers murder is brilliant and repulsive. There is alot of autobiographal infomation in it. This man is a genius but I would not want him to meet him personally.
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