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I was curious what departments nurses with INFP personalities usually work in. I' m learning more about being an INFP and realizing why some nursing departments were hard for me to like. I've... Read More

  1. by   Zombi RN
    I alternate between ENFP and INFP. I seem to get more "I" as I age. I prefer ICU, though I have strong interests in volunteer nursing, hospice, and public health nursing.
  2. by   camiea
    I loved home hospice besides the late night calling from the family when patient is actively dying and needing to be there quite frequently during that time. Home Health was great because of the independence but consumed a lot of time d/t poor time management skills. My first hospital job is currently in the ICU. It is not going so well because I lack the organization skills and team work necessary for my success here. I was just pulled for controlled substance mistakes and now I fear termination. I am thinking back to hospice or trying psych. I am consistently INFP. I know I have many great attributes. Unfortunately most of them are seen as weaknesses in the nursing world. Best of luck to all you infps.
  3. by   nurseprnRN
    i am such an intj!! (me and stephen hawking, andrew grove, marie curie, guy kawasaki, igor sikorsky, hillary clinton)
  4. by   pa_rn2012
    I am also an INFP. I have been struggling for the past 5 years trying to find my niche in nursing. I've pretty much wanted to quit from Day One after realizing what nursing really was and how much politics, backstabbing, and bullying is involved. I'm currently trying to find a new career path within the nursing field that will fit my personality but it's extremely difficult. Right now I'm working in a surgery center but I'm not feeling fulfilled and again, even though its a small facility there is way too much drama for my liking. I'd much rather work from home or work on an even much smaller scale as far as coworker ratios and nurse to patient ratios. I've thought about becoming an educator, patient advocate, case manager, nurse navigator, doing nurse informatics but the problem I'm running into is where I live and that I only have a diploma. I am finding it very difficult to transition because of the experience factor as well. No one wants to give you a chance unless you have the experience. I've worked in the ER as an aide, PCU as a nurse, and surgery centers but that is the extent of my experience. Being an INFP in a world of thinkers and realists is not easy to begin with, being a nurse in that environment is even harder. I just keep on researching and trying to figure out which career path is right for me. If you do an online search, best nursing careers for INFP, it might help you find your path of interest. Good luck to you. Feel free to reach out to me if you like.