Any ideas how to cure the carbohydrate cravings

  1. Hey All,

    I am desperately trying to lose a few pounds and stay healthy. I have a problem with carbohydrates, my favorite foods are pastas, good bread with real butter. I have been trying to watch my carbohydrate intake but it is so hard, does anyone have any suggestions on how to curb the cravings.

    Thanks for your imput.
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  3. by   shygirl
    Just exersise more. You can still eat the foods you love if only you up your exercise!
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  5. by   Stargazer
    I've heard that one of the best ways is to go cold turkey on the carbs for at least 3 weeks--some of my friends claim it's hard but really gets you over the worst of the cravings. Haven't had the guts to try it yet myself. I likes me some carbs, I does.

    I have cut waaay down on my carbs in the past few months. I finally wised up to the fact that all the artificially "fat free" stuff was loaded with extra sugars and carbs. I just try to be aware of my carbs and moderate myself. If I had toast with breakfast, I'm not going to have a sandwich at lunch. If I had a sandwich at lunch, I'm not having pasta for dinner. My cravings have died down quite a bit in the last 8 weeks or so.

    I recently read that Jennifer Aniston has a hard-boiled egg and cheese for breakfast and a salad for lunch every single day. If that's what it takes to look like her I'm not sure it's worth it!

    Good luck! I'd be interested in hearing other people's tricks also.
  6. by   JUSTYSMOM
    "Stay abstinent no matter what."

    Those were the words I lived by, when I lost 60 lbs with Overeater Anonymous. The plan is called the "grey sheet". It consisted of no sugar, no flour, no wheat. Three meals a day with nothing in between except sugarless gum, water, diet colas or tea. It was a B*TCH to do, but it sure cured carb cravings & weight loss was a snap!

    Unfortunately, I have gained it all back plus more becasue I never stayed with the maintenance plan (sigh). I was pregnant and just couldn't stay with that plan while pregnant.

    Seems like I haven't been motivated to go back to it 3 years later. But I might...eventually..

    Good luck,
  7. by   BadBird
    Thanks to all who responded, it is a never ending battle.
  8. by   kittyw
    I just eat the whole wheat type stuff ... no white bread or white rice ... I try to stick with the higher dietary fiber when I eat bread/pasta etc. Oatmeal but w/o all the extra sugar in the prepackaged kind.

    I remember reading at one point that the Atkins diet recommended a supplement if you were still craving carbs. I don't remember which one, but I'm sure you can find it at Of course just use care with supplements - we don't want you worse off.
  9. by   fedupnurse
    I am also a huge carb addict! I think the only way I can drop these lbs is to have my jaw wired shut! Doesn't matter how you lose the weight, if you don't stay on that plan you will gain it back and then some. Been there gained that!!
  10. by   live4today
    A good way to cut one's cravings for a certain food or junk is to eat what you crave until you can't take another bite. Stuff carb or junkfood after another. Eat it until you throw it up.........INSTANT CURE!!!

    Next time you will AUTOMATICALLY eat it in MODERATION as you will NEVER be able to FORGET the day you stuffed your face and belly like a pig......and threw it all up because your stomach couldn't stomach one more bite of it!
  11. by   kittyw
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  12. by   jemb
    I've found that a pickle will ease the craving when I want that cookie or muffin.
  13. by   researchrabbit
    My MD tells me to switch to carbs which are less hypoglycemic.

    So -- substitute whole grains for processed white flour (do you know you can get whole wheat noodles?) in whatever you eat.

    A sample of what's to be avoided: bananas, carrots

    A sample of what's to be preferred: strawberries, peas

    There are places on the internet that rate them for you. It's worth a try although a b*tch if you forget your printout when you grocery shop...

    I'm gradually losing with this (still have a VERY long way to go).
  14. by   kittyw
    You can get whole wheat noodles at the store ... they are very good... I actually prefer them to regular noodles.

    I don't have any in the cabinet right now, but I think the brand is Hudson's (sp) Mill.