Any Horse People out There?

  1. Hey guys,

    I have a 23 yo thouroughbred/quarter cross. She's great with the kids, very gentle. I love her, we all do. The problem? Well, I think that she gotten to attached to the cows. She never has been real into being a pet--she just kind of "tolerates us" Which in the end is ok, because she is good with the kids, and I don't have to worry about her with them. I mean, I wish that she really wanted to be social, like horses I have dealt with in the past. I have tried treats, brushing, loving---grain every night. But now that the cows are in the pasture, we can't even get her to come home for grain unless we tease the cows in with some alfalfa. She hangs with the cows, lays with the cows, and runs the cows off when we try to catch her to ride her. Once we get her she is fine---but after 2 hours of trying to chase her down--who's in the mood to ride? We can't even separate her from the cows (we've tried) then she tries to jump the fence or break down the gate and has ended up hurting herself.

    I have gotten several suggestions from people at work---and am looking for more. Some of the suggestions I have gotten include putting her in the barn, or a pen for a few days (I am afraid that she will hurt herself). Lunging her---again 2 hours to catch her. Someone once told me it was probably her age, but I think that something must have hurt her in the past---we've had her for 3 years.

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  3. by   geekgolightly
    She is 23 and you have had her for 3 years, correct? Do you know anything of her history? It does sound as if she feels more comfortable with a herd. If I were a horse, I would probably feel that way, too. It is how horses are in the wild. She is very old, and am surprised that she can be ridden. Are you sure there isn't some arthritis going on which would make her more people shy. Especially if she feels that every time people are near her someone will ride her.

    I really don't have suggestions, because I can't assess the situation, but I wish you luck in solving your problem. Give her a pat for me. I miss being around horses.
  4. by   Katnip
    Have you looked at websites like They have boards and articles that deal with problems like this. It might be she just doesn't like to be caught. Even at her age, there must be a way to train her to make it easier.
  5. by   petiteflower
    [i] She is very old, and am surprised that she can be ridden. Are you sure there isn't some arthritis going on which would make her more people shy. [/B]
    She was a barrell horse before we got her. I know that she was in with 2 other horses and had to fight for her feed. Now, she is the only horse we have. I don't think she has any joint problems--the way she gallops around in the pasture following the cows. The lady we bought her from bought her from a ranch in Oklahoma. We've had a couple of checkups with the vet--because of her age---the kids mainly ride her-and the vet has always said that she's very healthy and ok to ride.