Any guys on this site into American muscle cars? ;>)

  1. Hey, ya'll- not to be sexist or anything, but after some of the posts on the 'Anyone know anything about cars' thread, I figure it's safe to direct this one mostly to the guys. (grinning) My husband has been working on a web site called American Muscle Cars and Muscle Fords, and he's posted it up. It's a work in progress, and he's going to be adding more and more to it every day, but at present he's looking for submissions about car projects, stories, photos, etc. If you're interested in submitting (okay, he can't pay you but you get all the FAME AND GLORY, and isn't that what it's all about? Help a brother out!) you can email me. If you guys aren't interested in such a thing, and you know someone who is, please feel free to let them know. He's terribly excited about this site, and I think it would do him good to get a little feedback. I know ya'll are on the internet ANYWAY. Submit something and see your name in lights. Or something to that nature. ;>P Thanks!
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  3. by   bandaidexpert
    Cool, I sent the site to dh, he is a die-hard Ford guy. We have several Fords in our corral. Including a 1971 Ranchero in great shape. Dh is in the process of restoring it. I personally would kill to own a '65 Mustang convertible, Cherry red, of course. Thanks
  4. by   Fgr8Out
    Hot August Nights is coming to Reno in 2 weeks... a car show to end all car shows!! My faves are ALWAYS the muscle cars... Mmmm especially MOPAR!!! My dream would be a Barracuda... Hemi, preferably.... or 440 w/6 pack. Vrrrrooooooommmmmm.... OMG, I would SOOO be in debt with all the tickets I KNOW I would get with one of these high powered beauties....

  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    Would you be interested at all in taking some photos and submitting material for an article? Considering that his site focuses on american muscle cars, particularly Fords, it would be awesome if you went and wanted to contribute. Don't worry, if you're not an author, we would be more than willing to help out, and would of course give you full credit on the site. If you're going, let me know if you're interested. ;>)
  6. by   kewlnurse
    I used to be heavy into drag racing. Took my '67 cutlass apart 7 years ago to update it (tube chassis, 33" slicks, removed the rain gutter and chrome...) and never put it back togther, havn't been to the track since than either, don't want to get bit by the bug again.
    We used to have the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals here, but like everything else in this $hit hole of a city that came to a screeching halt cuz the safty nazi's got upset by what went on at night.

    WE now have a tuesday night cruise downtown, what a fiasco that startd out , they didn't want to close off part of the street cuz of traffic. Hmmmm downtwon buffalo on a tuesday night. There is no traffic, you can walk down the street trying to give away money and you wouldn't find anybody to give it too. But anywho that got resolved. Suppose i could do a little thing on it if you want.
  7. by   RNConnieF
    I drive a 97 Monte Carlo ( LOVE my car), hubby drives a Bronco. BUT his fun car is a 69 'Vette big block with T tops, MY fun car is a 81 Monte Carlo. Yeah, could say we are into cars around here!
  8. by   nurs4kids
    hubby LOVVVVVES muscle cars..his dream car is a '73 'cuda..before him, i'd never heard of such. My dad's got a beautiful '68 Camaro SS, 64k original miles, everything original (except a new paint job)..hope I'm going to inherit it ..
    I love the old Mustang's myself!
    I'll give hubby the link, thanks!
  9. by   JailRN
    God, what a topic. My husband has more cars than I have socks. Including a 67 vette, convert. 427, 4 speed 350 HP, hooker headers. burgandy on black, my 65 vette fastback, 327 auto, yellow, definately a chick car, 56 chevy pu, just like his grandfathers, a 55 chevy sedan delivery, 72 nova, 86 suburban, a 87 Harley softtail, and 65 mustang, no not red, or conv. , but that's what he drives all the time. son has an 86 firebird, wants the vette,(When hell freezes over)

    Will send hubby to your website. Good luck!!

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