Any green thumbs out there?

  1. I need your help........

    Hubbs and I were thinking about helping his parents clean their yard.........trimming bushes.....weed wacking etc...... well my question is........I would like to plant some flowers or something........I dont know if the season is right.....or what type of plant to buy..........? They live in connecticut.....its summer right now......any neat suggestions? for a knuckles....
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  3. by   Berta
    plastic ones. lol
  4. by   petiteflower
    lol Berta---I could kill a silk plant.

    I know the seed packages have this little chart thingy on the back that tells you when to plant and where it grows best. (I saw these on the back of the ones my dh buys when he plants the garden----that I have been instructed to stay out of so I don't kill anything)
  5. by   AndyLyn
    Happystudent, it's probably too late for any annuals (the kind that flower all year, but die during the winter and have to be replanted next year) but the greenhouses should have perennials (the kind that come back every year) available that can be planted, although they might have already flowered for this year. If you go to the greenhouse, have someone help you, but you'll have to know how much sun the spot gets, and roughly what kind of dirt (sandy, clay, rocky, etc) it is. They'll also help you pick plants that are right for your "zone". Gardening is so much fun, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do around here.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   happystudent
    Originally posted by Berta
    plastic ones. lol

  7. by   happystudent
    We've decided to CLEAN the planting .........too stressfull...........
  8. by   Berta
    try planting some mums. The stores are just starting to display them now. Like the plastic idea huh?? Berta