any funny/embarassing children stories................

  1. i was in the docs with my son . he was 18 mths old and nearly fully potty trained. He stood in in the middle of the reception area and pulled his pants down and shouted 'wee wee quick' People in their laughed, me,.... went red :imbar at least he did not just stand their and wet.
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  3. by   Katnip
    My husband and I were in a restaurant with our 2 1/2 year old. He already knew about the dangers of smoking.

    There was a man a couple of tables away who lit up a cigarette. My son stood up, pointed at the man, and yelled loud enough for all to hear: "THAT MAN IS GOING TO DIE!"
  4. by   PickMePlze
    I brought my 3 year old son to work with me one day and I take him into the bathroom to twinkle. Turns out he has to do more than #1 so while he's sitting on the potty, he yells out real out, "Ohhhh you stank!!" and laughs. I bet the whole office heard him and thought he was talking about ME. I wanted to die.:imbar
  5. by   JUSTYSMOM
    This was a classic...

    A few weeks ago, my dh and I were in Denny's with our 5 year old son. It was one of those days where it was packed. We were sitting in a booth. Out of the blue my son stands up on the seat. At the top of his lungs he proclaims:


    Talk about mortifying! We grabbed him down immediately. If I could, I would have melted right under the seat. People were kinda looking at us like "huh?" My dh was cracking up. He said "that's my boy!"

    Where in the world do these kids come up with these things?!

  6. by   Ruby Vee
    I wasn't fortunate enough to be able to have kids of my own, so I thought I hit the jackpot when I married Hubby, who came complete with cute little six year old daughter. (Shared custody). We were sitting in a very nice restaurant the day before our wedding, and StepDaughter was very excited about the upcoming nuptials. She fired a million questions at us, and we were happy to answer every one. Just as a natural lull occured in the conversations around us, SD piped up in her LOUDEST voice, "So Daddy, are you and Ruby going to have SEX tomorrow night??" I thought I was going to die of embarressemnt. Hubby matter-of-factly answered in the affirmative!
  7. by   jax
    When my son was two, he held his hand out to me saying,"Mummy, what's this?" I went and had a look and said, "I'm not sure, it looks like a little rock, where did you get it from?"........he then replied , "up in my nose."....

    It still makes me laugh.....
  8. by   Altra
    My daughter was not quite 3 years old, it was early summer and I made a comment about how good it felt to be in bare feet again after the long winter. My daughter looked anxiously from my face to my feet several times, and then said worriedly, "But Mommy, you don't have BEAR feet?! You have mommy feet."

    One of my most precious memories.
  9. by   2ndgenerationnurse
    my girls have done soooo many things but my favorite to tell is this:

    my husband took us to a little church waaaayyyyy out in the country in WV. well, between Bible class and worship services i took my four girls to use the restroom, one of which was still in the potty training stage. now imagine a country church with the windows open (no AC) and an outhouse next to the building that has it's john opening over the hill... so when my gilrs looked down the hole in the toilet they could see the steep hill! so my young one yells, "I'm not going to use that, i will fall out!" what is worst worship started before i could convince them it was ok (and held on to each one dearly to make sure!) and so my blushing face and my four little girls all had to enter the only door, next to the pulpit!:imbar
  10. by   skislalom
    A few years back, my eldest daughter (then about 3 or 4) and I had to run to the grocery store before I went to work. Typical preschooler..needs and wants everything in the store...nope nope nope...we're in a hurry honey. She's getting agitated......The 5 oclock dinner grocery shoppers are packing the checkout lines and I'm telling her what a hurry we are in because I HAVE GOT to get to work!!! I'm in my sweats.....really dressed up you see...

    She, I swear at the top of her lungs,...says....

    NOOOOO MOMMY NOOOO I don't WANT YOU TO GO TO JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :imbar

    This of course gets EVERYONE'S ATTENTION and I am about to die...I try to laugh it off and explain my employment....I got a LOT of YEAH RIGHT LADY..looks

    My WORK: a Correction's Officer...and I get dressed for work AT work in the locker room-hence the frumpy dumpy sweats.

    I could have died on the spot.

    Thanks Marina...thanks a LOT

  11. by   nursebedlam
    aarrh kids, ya gotta love em,,, great stories here
  12. by   Energizer Bunny
    The other day, I was in the office and Piper (three, today!) was in her bedroom saying "Thank you God for my privates". Precious!
  13. by   purplemania
    My 3 yr old attended a funeral recently. She was totally intranced over the proceedings. The pastor stated: "The Bible tells us that Steve has passed through the valley of the shadow of death. Death is just a shadow and who is afraid of a shadow" My grandbaby replied "ME!!". Even the pastor had to snicker, but my daughter and SIL were mortified.
  14. by   unknown99
    :imbar :imbar :imbar
    My then 4 year old son Alex, was upstairs in his room. It was a Sunday morning, and we live right beside a church. All of a sudden, I hear this loud laughter coming from outside. Then I hear Alex yelling and laughing upstairs.
    I went upstairs to check and see what was happening. Alex had his little bare tush sticking out the window, yelling " The moon is out!!" !!! We had just moved into this house that week!!! And church people had to see this!!!! They probably though we were teaching the boy all this!!!