Any cold sore cures?

  1. I have battled with them since I was in junior high! I think I have tried everything but I am willing to take suggestions! Recently tried Abreva for the the first time, was not real thrilled with it. I've taken lysine, tried oil of oregano (stings like a @#$*), zovirax... Anybody have suggestions for us cold sore sufferers?
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  3. by   kaycee
    I have horrible cold sores. They didn't start until I was in my 30's. They take over my lips and are ugly and painful. I started taking Famvir 250mg tid when I feel the first tingle and I use Denivir Cream. I still get a little cold sore, but it never gets big and ugly and it's gone in 5 days. Both are expensive so if you don't have a good insurance plan watch out. It's the only thing that makes them tolerable for me and short lasting. I also tried Abreva and was not impressed.
    Good luck I feel your pain and frustration!!
  4. by   Zee_RN
    Zovirax is a wonder drug!! Interacts with other things though so be careful. It is prescription only--go for the oral medication, not the cream if you can get it. However, it is most effective if taken at the very first hint of a cold sore.

    None of the over-the-counter remedies ever really worked for me; Zovirax is worth hoarding if you can get it
  5. by   darla80
    I work in an Internal med office and we see our share of "Cold sores"

    Treatment of choice that seems the most succesful is a combinationof topical Denavir and then p.o. Famvir

    as stated already... get it in the prodrome and you can manage it better.

    Did you know Abreva and Denavir are manufactured by the same company?

    Patients do not report much success with OTC Abreva

    Good luck!!

  6. by   craff1
    I was going to say zovirax, but you already tried it. Sorry I'm no help.
  7. by   cargal
    Valtrex is even better than Zovirax. It is po, not topical, and once again expensive. Ask a dermatologist to prescribe it.
  8. by   betts
    Fortunately, you don't have to take cold sores lying down. There are a number of treatments, both prescription and non-prescription, that can relieve the symptoms of cold sores and promote their healing. Clinical research has shown that the ingredients in Campho-phenique® Cold Sore Gel can swiftly ease the pain and itching of cold sores. It also helps keep sores from cracking by keeping the skin supple. Equally important, Campho-phenique® contains an antiseptic that works to block infections that can slow the healing process.
  9. by   nicola
    I take the low tech approach - at the first hint I use yogurt with active cultures topically and PO. It really helps me!