Any body use a CPAP machine?

  1. I had a sleep study last week, and I have mild sleep apnea. So I'm supposed to get a CPAP machine. I just have a lot of questions about it.

    Anyone use one, or know someone who does? How big is it? Does it make a lot of noise. Do you swallow a lot of air? What do you do when you travel?

    Any help would be appreciated!!
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    My MIL has one. Her face mask is pretty small. It is a small triangle that covers the tip of her nose and her mouth. There's an extension above the nose that has a thick gel cushion that rests on the bridge of her nose. It's noisy, but not as noisy as the ones in the hospital. She and fil sleep just fine through it. She's never complained of swallowing air or increased gas from using it. She says she can feel it going into her lungs. (That would feel a little weird to me.) As for travel, her machine is portable. It is probably about the length and width of the old-fashioned make-up suitcases, but half the height. Maybe 10 in x 12 in and about 5 in high. It just sits on her nightstand and she hangs the mask and hose on the bedpost when she's not using it. I'll try and look for pics.
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    It used to make her clasutrophobic and it took 2-3 serious hospitalizations for her to decide to use it, but she tends to be a really anxious and easily panicked person in the forst place. Her mask size was the smallest on the market at the time. My sister's dh said they have even smaller ones now that look like a slightly oversized nasal cannula. I'll see if there's any pics in my travels.
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    Here's the one mil uses, but her mask is a little smaller.

    Check out this link and scroll down under masks. It shows all different kinds of mask. It also shows the different machine options too.
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    No problem. I found a link to the company that does most of them. There's a lot of good pics. I edited my last post so the link would add.