Any artisans here?

  1. I just started a thead asking if there were any musicians slash nurses (musicians/nurses) out there in "bulletin board" land.

    Well. . . there's more to art than just in music. There's. . . well. . . art (drawing, painting, etc.), there's, of course, music. . .

    There's also theater/performing, writing, poetry, sewing, wood crasftmanship, sculpting (sp?), baking, photography, videography, ice skating, dancing. . . . and much, much more, I'm sure!

    Like my thread on Any Musicians Here? , here's a dedicated thread for all artisans to share their crafts. . . TO BRAG. . . to let us know you hidden or not so hidden talents!


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  3. by   adrienurse
    I've always got some sort of art project going on. I'd probably do more if I lived in a bigger place. Right now I'm trying my hand at creative writing.
  4. by   jnette
    Yep. Always got an A in art, music, and PE. The ONLY "A's", I might add, I could ever count on. (except for English, but that was 'cuz I was in German school, so I guess that doesn't count...hee.)

    I DO love to draw and sketch.. did 2 oil paintings many years ago.
    Like to do charcoal sketches.

    Love the other stuff, too. Did a lot of woodburning, jewelry making, etc. when I was younger. Love working with my hands and creating things... I snatch playdough away from the kiddies, so I can make something, too !
  5. by   angelac1978
    Oh I am a major crafty person. My favorite hobby is quilting, I am making a bunch right now to take to a quilt show in Sept and maybe perhaps sell??? who knows! I was really into photography in high school, tried majoring in it in college and got really burnt out. Its only been recently that I've started taking pictures again. I also like putting together gift baskets for wedding/baby showers that I attend and also just as gifts for friends/family. Oh and I also decorate cakes, I am the best auntie ever cause I can make a Spiderman cake, a Blue's clues cake, you name it I can do it!
    Thanks for letting me brag a little!

  6. by   nowplayingEDRN
    I dabble a bit with water colours and charcoa.....can be a crafty soul if'n I want.....But like was one of my "A" lol lol
  7. by   Ted
    Folks! Please feel free to display your artwork! If you can, get a digital photo of your painting(s), water colors, quilt work, etc. Or if you write, share your poems or other writings!

    This is way, way cool, folks!

  8. by   dianah
    I enjoy sewing, have made riding jacket (black wool w/black velvet collar piece, fully lined) and other clothes. REALLY enjoy making costumes, especially when kids had plays/programs in elementary school. Besides the usual Wise Man/"Bible times"character, I once made a butterfly costume - wings out of a semi-stiff mesh, w/Monarch-style designs sewn on, and elastic rings at the wing tips so son could keep the wings attached to his wrists. Also made a bald eagle costume by cutting MANY feather-shaped brown and white pieces of fabric and attaching them, overlapping each, to a hood and wings and torso piece. Then attached a large yellow beak to the hood, drew nose holes on the beak -- it turned out COOL!
    I sketch sometimes, just have never pursued it. I'm good enuf that friends are impressed, but it'll never earn me a paycheck!
    Thanks for the thread, Ted!
  9. by   KaylaRN2005
    I paint I LOVE it! I havent really had any inspiration lately, and if it does hit me, it's at 3 am when im too tired to paint. I guess I'm just not dedicated :P hah
  10. by   CashewLPN
    uh... I paint, just finished a 24'x8' mural.. I need to photo it for here...

    I also sketch.. love life drawing classes!!! so, I guess that makes most of my pads 'r' rated though.... I prefer soft charcoals... but, pencils have their place too.... I also do some still life, and some sci-fi type illustration.......
    I sculpt as a stress reliever... lots and lots of sculpture some weeks... lots of free form stuff.... some busts.... its cool....
    Uh... what else... I drum... not professionally, but for ritual purposes
    I'm in training to be a professional chef.... hard work.... 75%art, 15% technique... 10 % blood, sweat, and tears, as hygenically as possible, of course....
    um... I used to play guitar, until the carpal tunnel took over...
    what else.... um... I'm sure theres more, just cant think of it now...

  11. by   Wolfpax
    I do pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Egg decoration), won a prize once for one of my eggs, made the hometown paper, made the grandparents proud... would really like to find the time and space to set up again, haven't done is in 10 years since I moved, also did some Native American crafting, walking sticks, medicine shields, dream nets and the like.

    My old family physician was cool, when you went to her office yo had to share the waiting room with materials, threads and all the other accoutrements of Quilting, she taught quilting as well (you also shared tha waiting room with a couple of cats, and three rotweilers)a
  12. by   FROGGYLEGS
    I used to be very good at drawing, but am out of practice now.

    I like to do crafts. I have some stones that I made--like the garden stones they sell at shops that say things like "dream". I made alot of those with our names and stuff on them.

    I used to cross stitch, but don't have the patience for that anymore.

    My new thing is photography and I want to get into some serious scrapbooking.
  13. by   nursenoelle
    I do furniture restoration and hand painting. I like to take salvage items and repurpose them. Made a cool table out of washboards. I used to love pottery, but there are no studios near my home here.
  14. by   NRSKarenRN
    When not on-line, you will find me with needlepoint in my hand.

    Teaching begining music lessons as organist paid my way thru college and BSN degree.