Any Aquarium Enthusiast??? (?sp?)

  1. So, we killed a dog, a cat and a rabbit...the dog and rabbit were accidents
    decided perhaps we needed something a little easier to care for..
    discussed an aquarium with hubby, yanno..a few goldfish, a snail or two, a couple bottom feeders..Just enough for the kids to enjoy.

    Well, hubby does nothing cheap (except for me, that is)..
    $400 later (and we already had the aquarium) we have a couple bottom feeders, a snail, a guppy or two, two neons, a beta my daughter demanded and several plants...oh, and the tadpole I wanted. We had alot more, but...well, killed them too (an albino frog, some swordtails, more guppies and neons).

    On top of all this, we have enough chemicals to declare ourselves a nuclear test site. We went from having nitrates to having nitrites and now our ph is out the roof. Nothing we do lowers the ph. Hubby blames it on my tadpole <sigh> because it happened just after we added it and the plants. I refuse to take it out until it becomes a frog (there's a kid deep inside me). I know someone out there can tell me how to lower the ph. We tried adding the "ph down" luck. Then we tried baking just raised it off the scale. I'm about ready to add some hydrocloric acid (j/k)..

    any suggestions?

    also, anyone with salt water aquariums?? Hubby's dying to do a salt water one, but those fish are sooooooo dang expensive..and well, we aren't real good with
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  3. by   lindalee
    My son does a reef tank. Here is his reef site.
    you could email him and ask, he seems to do well with his tank. I know that the nitrites go up initially but can't remember what has to be done. Wish I could help, but I know little about fish.
  4. by   nurs4kids
    Thanks..awesome site..saved it as a fave for hubby to see. Yeah, the nitrities go up initially, until the bacteria is sufficient enough to stabilize them. Got the nitrite/nitrate problem taken care of..also had amonia problems along with those..resolved too. It's the dang ph we can't fix.
    thanks again, I will read his site and if I can't get the info I need, I'll email him!
  5. by   Rohb
    and it's great.It's true when they say it's easy to look after and low maintainace compare to other pets,but you need to be set-up properly.Otherwise fishes starts dying.I haven't tried a salt water fish but that should be a starter run for your family..This is my maintainance.I clean it once a week and replace 1/4 of the water.make sure the filter is ok.Dependding what fish you got and where you get your water,you may need some chemical additives"Water Ager"if you use your Tap water.and never over feed your fish,once a day will do.Have a look at this site for basic aquarium caring...
  6. by   anitame
    O.K. This is a LITTLE off the subject butcha got me thinkin'....... You said you killed a dog, cat and rabbit. The dog and the rabbit were an accident. This means......................... You're friends with Heather, huh? :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
  7. by   renerian
    Get the beta outta the tank or it will most likely kill all the other fish LOL. The guppies are going to over run your tank LOL.

    Okay I have tanks. First do 1/4 water changes with declorinator every month. Check the PH every week and buffer it appropriately. The kit will tell you the range and the vial you test the water in will be marked for the range. You need a heater for tropicals and the range for setting is on the heater. Every six month take the tank apart and clean the entire tank.

    Does any of this help? I will think and post more later today.

  8. by   renerian
    Salt water tanks for beautiful and a lion fish or tang will cost you as much as a small dog LOL. I personally would start with freshwater. Also don't overfeed as it contaminates the tank.

    By the way what happened to you animals??????? LOL.
  9. by   emily_mom
    It can take quite awhile to get the pH just right. My best friend installed one and had a lot of probs the first month. You could talk to your pet store that you bought all this from. Bring in a water sample. The can test it there (more accurately) and recommend your next step.

  10. by   Sleepyeyes
    It takes about a month for the bacteria to cycle and build up enough to offset the wastes of the fish...
    til then, we just had a couple of mollies....

    We now have a beautiful 55 gallon tank with a couple of angel fish, a pleco (that's about 6" long), corys, neons, rummy-noses, a loach, and a silver dollar....fresh water fish can be quite lovely and way cheaper than salt.

    These links were a big help to us getting started:

    we picked out our fish on the virutal fish tank to see how they'd get along:
    (it's fun too )
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  11. by   renerian
    I love silver dollar fish!

  12. by   Sleepyeyes
    Discus fish are even more spectacular, but they can be....ummmm...rather ---vicious.
  13. by   Sleepyeyes
    I like to sit and just watch them swimming around. The angel fish will actually start watching you back and they will "follow you."

    We had a group of tiger barbs who loved to swim upside down in the bubbler at the back of the tank; it was fun to watch and ---incredibly relaxing.
  14. by   renerian
    I like the way the tiger barbs school around the tank together... Your right very relaxing. I have my second tank on my desk.