Any air conditioning installers out there?

  1. Well, this is about as "Off Topic" as I can get. I bought a rent house last year and now, before the attic gets hot, I want to have central heat and air put in. Do any of you have any experience with this aspect of remodeling? Any brothers or spouses in the business? I will be hiring air conditioning contractors to do the work. I recall hearing that there are a few things I should monitor during the installation, but can't recall what they are. One was something about the ducts, that the installers can REALLY create a huge dust problem in your house-that lasts for years- if "something" isn't done right...but I don't recall what that "something" was.
    Any comments or suggestions?
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    If you are having a new a.c. system installed, the contractor will inspect the existing ducts for correct size and configuration. If all new duct is required there should be no dust problem. All metal duct with exterior insulation is the best way to go; however, it seems most remodeling contractors prefer flex duct. During the installation process be sure all the seams and joints are securely wrapped with tape and then sealed with the apprpriate duct cement. HVAC ducts can be cleaned and probable should every three or four years (in my opinion).
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    Thanks for your information. there are no existing ducts. they will be starting from is an old house with very high attics. It could be a second story, the ceilings are so high and the attic is quite expansive. Florida , heh? You are probably an a.c. expert...